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      The most asked question in astrology by people who are passing through a bad phase in life is "When will my good time come?". Astrologers keep giving dates but new and new problems keep coming and the promise of good time keeps getting extended. In the meantime everyone from Astrologer, God, Parents, Friends, Teachers, Family, Husband/Wife, Children, Boss/Employees is blamed for misery by native. Though no one but the individual and his Karma are to be blamed. Most of people are reluctant to accept their fault and most of those who accept fault are too sulked in gloom and doom talk to actually do something to correct the fault.

Different Stages Of Life

life stage

      In Vedic Astrology the Vishnu Sthanas define the four stages of your life. The First House defines your childhood, the Tenth House defines your youth, the Seventh House defines your middle life (age 35-60) and the Fourth House defines your old age. If there are planets like Venus, Jupiter or Moon in any of those house than there is a good chance that those stages of life would be heaven. The problem starts when planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun and Ketu occupy the Vishnu Sthanas, As many would guess that stage of life should show some difficulties. If you know about these four important houses and planets located in it than it isn't so difficult to figure out "When will your good time come and Will it come at all?". I just told the astrological answer to the question. But what to do if there are very harsh times on you at present moment?

     Well solution to your current problems is just an Om mantra away. Just recite the Om mantra like mentioned in Power Of Mantras and all your tensions and worries should disappear. If you hate that do yoga, exercise, run, jog, sing, listen to your favorite music or even dance. If you hate everything than I even suggest to drink your favorite alcohol drink though in moderate proportions and do not make a habit out of it. The bottomline is to get out of sulking and start doing something creative. That is the sure shot solution to really get out of bad times. Every action is Karma and karma builds Purushartha. Sooner or later that Purushartha comes back as Prarabdha and as long as your karma is good the Prarabdha (fate) should be good.

      So next time you go to an astrologer don't go asking "When will my good time come?'. Instead try asking "How can my good time come?". You go to astrologer to get solutions, not to know problem and duration of problems. Even if you are a very old age always remember Gita Chapter 2 Sloka 22 that the soul changes bodies just like we change our clothes. So your karma never goes to waste. So always think of working in a direction which helps all and keep a positive mindset in life and nothing bad shall fall onto you.

     Astrologers suggest many unrequired remedies like gem stones, poojas, numerology, feng shui and other stuff that really don't help much. But what I suggest is doing Karma like it is said in Bhagvad Gita without any sort of attachment and expectations. If possible please read: Theory Of Karma by Hirabhai Thakkar. It is a great book for those who have lost faith in themselves and in the power of good karma. Astrology is nothing but knowing about your fate (Prarabdha) and what can you do to improve it (Purushartha). Astrology is just the medium while your Karma is the tool by which miracles can be brought forth by native. 


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