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Fasting on Specific Days

   In the previous article: Science Of Fasting the scientific benefits as well as Vedic and Traditional beliefs for fasting were discussed. In this article the proper way for daily fasting and benefits of fasting done on Ekadashi (11th Moon waxing/waning), Trayodashi (13th Moon waxing/waning) and Poonam (full Moon) would be explained. The ancient rishis of India weren't fools to invent the art of fasting on their whims and accords. They understood the essence of daily diet and nutritional value it provided. This article just aims to touch the surface while the knowledge of diet and health runs much deep in Vedic Knowledge.

Fasting on Tuesdays

For those with weak Mars or those born with Mangal Dosha are advised to fast on Tuesday's. Mars is one planet who is highly volatile. Smallest form of incitement is enough for natives with prominent Mars to start a fight.

Those people under prominent Mars need better control of anger and emotions. That is why they are advised to consume food only once on a Tuesday with no added salt or spicy materials. The reason is salt cause irritation and blood pressure to rise thereby increasing anger. Spicy foods often cause burning and upset of stomach which acts as an oil to the raging fire that is the Mars natives. Mars natives are restless and cannot sleep or concentrate.

They are also advised to eat only Split Green Gram(Mung Daal) the reason being it is high in iron, fiber and protein and helps control blood pressure and cholesterol. Iron helps cure insomnia, increases hemoglobin and boosts immune system. Fiber helps clean up the digestive sytem and absorb vital vitamins and minerals.

Fasting on Wednesdays

For those with a weak Mercury or Rahu fasting on Wednesday is advised. Mercury controls speech and nervous system. While Rahu brings disorder and chaos via desires.

In both cases the neurological patterns change and to counter them a fast is observed on Wednesday and eating one time meal is prescribed. After a full day rest due to fasting the digestive systems are relaxed and able to absorb maximum nutrients of food. The most recommended food is Vigna Radiata(Mung Bean) primarily as it helps nourish the brain and nerves. It also aids in brain development of children and is advised to be consumed by mothers during pregnancy.

Fasting on Thursday

Fasting on Thursday is for those who are weak in studies, have obesity problems or are too lazy. If the reason for all these is Jupiter then eating food made from Split Peas(Toor Dal) is recommended. The reason is consumption of Split Peas is it is high in fiber with aids digestion, helps prevent anemia and low on carbohydrates which helps prevent obesity. Though not scientifically proven there is belief in Vedic Literature that eating items made from Toor Dal help restrict food cravings. If a proper research is done it may/may not hold true but experience shows it works.

Fasting on Friday

Fasting on Friday is for those with a weak Venus and suffer from addiction problems. On Fridays it is advised not to eat anything but Jaggery(गुड) and Roasted Chickpeas in the evening. Roasted Chickpeas cures anemia while the Jaggery helps maintain the energy in the body. Non-processed jaggery would be ideal. Friday fast is all about controlling the senses by restricting your tongue to various tastes. The benefits are high when done according to traditions.

Fasting on Saturday

A lot of people do fast on Saturdays to drive out bad effects of Saturn. Alas!! It is not needed as Saturn rewards Karma not Appeasement. But fast on Saturday is prescribed for those with digestive issues, anxieties and other neurological disorders. Be sure to eat Kidney Beans(Rajma), Black Gram(Urad Dal/Kaali Dal) and lots of oil. Many natives offer oil to Hanuman and Saturn Idols and waste it down the drain. The oil is essential as a fat to absorb minerals and vitamins as well as clean the digestive system and help remove flatulence which is a common disease among those with problematic Saturn. Oil, Urad Dal and Rajma beans help calm the nervous system and improve digestive system. A good body and a good mind thinks positive thoughts and sheds the negativity and hurricane of irrelevant thoughts and worries.


The ancient Rishis were quite good dietitians. The only bad thing about them was they didn't charge a single penny for their knowledge and gave away their knowledge as a gift to mankind. Otherwise they would be quite popular in today's world. If you do some research on ancient dietary techniques it would actually make more sense then taking help of a dietitian as ancient knowledge was based on natural foods and not dietary supplements.

Kindly Note

   Just short summary of benefits are provided as this is an astrology site, not a health related site. Readers are encouraged to find more benefits and if possible help fellow readers via Comments Section. 


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