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   Most ancient text on Vedic Astrology mentions Mars as debilitated in Cancer Sign. Yet some astrologers surmise Mars in Cancer Sign is good as it is in the sign of its friend Moon. This is the problem with half-baked potatoes that call themselves astrologers because they tend to leave out the detailed observation of characteristics of Horoscope Signs and Planets. Yes its true that Cancer is the sign lorded by Moon and Moon is friend of Mars. But Cancer Sign is the sign of emotions and feelings. Mars is essentially a warrior(kshatriya). There is no room for feelings and emotions in a war. An emotional fool is sure to cause downfall of himself and his army in a war. That is why Mars in Capricorn Sign is considered exalted cause Capricorn Sign is associated with organization and disciple. An organized and disciplined warrior not only ensures his army's victory in war but he also adds to his fame.

   Mars natives even outside war like situation are employers or employees who like quick thoughts and actions. They are not the type to think twice before acting. Natives with Mars in Capricorn Sign with their organizational skills and disciplined approach would ensure accurate and timebound completion of projects. Mars in Cancer Sign often leads to emotional turmoil and decisions taken in those situations are not always rational. Mars in Aries Sign, Leo Sign as well as Scorpio Sign may also take hasty decisions but their courage and firmness sees the project through. While natives with Mars in Cancer need cooling off after emotional outbursts. Also Mars in Cancer gives health problems which delay work. Natives with Mars in Virgo Sign and Gemini Sign are also problematic cause both signs are associated with analysis, communication and calculative work which Mars hates. Mars rushes to get work done and unless there are Mercury or Jupiter placed along with Mars or aspecting it, Mars would be emotional wreck in the over-calculative, analytical and talkative signs of Mercury. . 

   Many famous personalities like PM of India Shree Narendra Modi, Film Actors Rajnikanth, Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan and Queen Elizabeth of England have all got Mars in Capricorn Sign, Aries Sign or Scorpio Sign. Mars in Capricorn Sign, Gemini Sign and Cancer Sign can earn more money if they use tact and diplomacy but if there is ambition and hard work then surely an Exalted Mars fares far better then emotional wreckage called Debilitated Mars. The exalted Mars gives abundant fame along with fortune. So if you have a strong Mars try to think less and work more and success along with fame and fortune would follow. 


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