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The Scientists Of The Pasts

   The Ancient Sages who wrote about Astrology, Yoga and Ayurveda only did it after careful analysis, observation and study. The only problem was they were called Rishis and Maharishis instead of Scientists. Also they didn't plan to write down the thesis part with detailed research findings. They only wrote down the Summary. They thought it would be better to keep it simple. The knowledge was for the benefit of common man after all. It worked well for thousands of years. But slowly and surely their years of research and findings which were for the benefit of the world turned into nothing but superstitions which modern astrologers, quacks and others use to mint money.

  Some of the amazing discoveries made by them are below.

Frequency Of Mantras

   Every object both living and non-living produces frequency or Waves Of Sound to simplify it. The moving of earth produces frequency, the thinking pattern of brain also produces frequency. OM being a sound has a frequency and that is 136.1 Hertz. Surprisingly the frequency of Earth Rotation around Sun is also 136.1 Hertz.

  Brain Frequency is measured by using EEG (Electroencephalography). There are five waves namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta noticed in EEG. When you take average from the five frequency and add them up it comes to around 114 Hertz. This is the frequency at which brain is probably performing at optimum levels. That is very close to 136.1 Hertz which is the frequency of OM.

   The ancient sages designed the OM mantra to calm the mind through sound waves. It maybe obvious to those who properly speak it but other critiques need a study with detailed observation and sample data from participants to verify this known fact. OM Mantra is actually a Sound Remedy to optimise brain to perform at maximum levels, to balance the hormones and improve immunity. Like OM most of the ancient mantras were sound remedies. Only thing missing is a scientific study with data sample to verify this fact.

Sacred Flowers and Trees

   In India the Neem Tree(Azadirachta Indica), Banyan Tree(Ficus Benghalensis), Tulsi Plant(Ocimum Tenuiflorum), Bilva Patra (Aegle Marmelos) Lotus and Rose are all prayed or offered to Gods mostly out of superstitious beliefs. Neem Tree is actually great for cleaning mouth, curing mouth and teeth problems like Periodontist, Skin problems like acne and pimples and help strengthening the immune system especially against malarial fever caused by anopheles mosquitoes. Having a neem tree in backyard keeps the harmful germs and bacteria away from home.

  The Peepal and Banyan Tree grow large and provide relief from sun. Also consumption of leaves of Peepal Tree can be used to cure both constipation and dysentery. It is also effective against boils and other bruises. The Bilva Patra works wonderful for burning acidity, flatulence and other stomach problems. For those who have body odour often use harmful deodorants which can cause Skin Cancer. If you consume Bilva Patra(Bael) leaves then the problem of body odour disappears naturally and without side effects. Tulsi similarly provides immunity and disease resistance. Rose crushed and mixed with sugar is great for skin, cleans the digestive system and also helps against curing diseases due to excessive heat wave. Lotus is mainly used to cure diarrhoea, dizziness, sunstroke and other heat related ailments.


Yantra Remedies and Vaastu Shastra

   There are countless yantras like Shree Yantra, Vidya Yantra, Laxmi-Kubera Yantra, gemstone remedies for planets, Raksha Kavach and what not. Unfortunately just keeping them in the house or wearing them doesn't do jack. Shree Yantra is actually a geometric diagram which helps enhance thinking patterns. More on it in the article: Good Luck Charms.

   Vaastu Shastra isn't something that will bring you luck and prosperity. Keeping rooms in a particular direction should be based on Science, not Superstitions. Vastu Shastra is use of ancient scientific principles to build your house in a way where optimum use of space is done and appropriate ventilation and flow of air is allowed. Agni Corner (South-West) is said to be where the bedroom should be kept. Reason is simple. The East Direction is where the main doors used to be located in ancient times. Bedrooms aren't the place that should be easily accessible to outsiders. Prayer Room should be located in Ishaan Corner (North-East). Prayers are normally done in morning and north-east corner is where morning sun rays enter the house first. Great time to get Vitamin D from sun rays.

Turning Science Into Superstion

  But as every reader knows today the Science which was propagated by Ancient Rishis and Maharishis has turned into fear mongering. Native doesn't pray to God to reach a higher conscious but out of the fear that God would punish him if he doesn't. Native doesn't really eat Peepal leaves or Tulsi Leaves. They just pray to it and roam around it like they are playing Musical Chairs. Natives don't have time to stare at yantras like Shree Yantra and observe the complex design. They just buy it and keep it in house in a hope that their luck would grow.

  Unfortunately people are still stuck up with Astrologers and Conman who operate on fear psychosis. They are not yet ready to listen to rationale and logic. There are times when such illegal route to success seem a fine idea. After all there are enough fools to fool around with. But then I would be doing gross injustice to great sages like Maharishi Bhrigu, Maharishi Parashar, Maharishi Varamihira, Ved Vyasa and others who researched astrology to benefit mankind. Astrology is meant to guide people, not fool them. But people also need to learn to stop getting fooled. Astrology points to direction where you would find a solution to your problems. It is your own Karma and your Character which would get you the desired success.

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