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Buying Apples From Apple Store

     When you punch into a search engine about apple the first link that comes is for products which are made by Apple Inc like Iphone, Ipad, Macbook etc. If you wanted to buy the apple fruit you would punch about groceries store who delivers you the apples at home or you drive to a fruit market to fetch apples. But when it comes astrology the reverse is true. People go into the Apple Store hoping to get the apple fruit.

     Astrology is used for things which can be readily solved by science or competent people in other professions. Many clients come with questions which are not in hands of astrology or perhaps the answer can be readily be available if some alternative subject is used. Some of the common places where a better alternative is available are described.

Teens Gone Wrong

     When the child turns around 14 to 16 years old he gets rebellious, gets angered easily and fights with parents. Poor parents don't understand what has gotten into their sweet little kid. They hurriedly go to the astrologer hoping to find whether the culprit is Saturn, Rahu or Mars. Problem actually are the hormones.

     Your sweet little kid is growing up, learning about life, learning about attraction-repulsion among other things. He/She wants to explore life, explore physical pleasures and explore new ideas. Instead of encouraging and supporting him/her the parents go to astrologers who surmise this and that problem in horoscope and asks hefty fees for a non-existent problem.

     If your teen child is way too rebellious it is better to consult a counselor with a proper medical degree, some life coach or even some enlightened soul though chances of finding such person are rare. Learn that your child is growing up and wants to explore new ideas. Encourage your child to pursue his/her goals if they are right. Try to use reasoning and logic to make him give up false ideas and dreams.

Birth Prediction

     Predicting the gender of your child is illegal in countries like India. The doctor who does sex prediction is fined or even jailed. Even parents are fined 10,000 ₹ or jailed for close to five years and rightly so. But the astrologer who predicts gender has no such fines or prison sentence. Ofcourse it is more or less impossible to predict gender birth. The 5th house, placements and aspects shed some light on likely outcome but thankfully it is not 100% accurate.

     There are clients who come to get prediction from astrologers as to whether they would have healthy children or if they would have any at all. In this case it is far better to visit a gynaecologists or fertility clinic instead of an astrologer. When science does the trick it is not wise to use astrology.

Personal Health Issues

     There are clients who wish to know why they have fever or stomach problems or cough and cold from astrologers. Astrology cannot and should not be used as an alternative to science and medicine. Its a predictive subject at best. If there are health complications than one must consult a doctor and get the relevant tests done. If the need arises than its fine to try alternative remedies but if problems persist afterwards its necessary to consult a medical expert. Never bother with astrology in such scenarios. Its futile cause astrology wasn't meant to cure ailing patients. A predictive subject cannot ever replace proper researched subjects like medicine and science.

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