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Saturn The Tormentor

   Those who know about Astrology would know what Saturn brings to the life of a native. Saturn is the significator for oppression, fear, scarcity, famine, cold, poverty, misery and old age. One trip to a Saturn Temple on a Saturday and you realise the fear it invokes. That little black idol supposedly of Saturn gets millions of liters of oil poured on it to get his favors. Never mind the fact that the planet called Saturn is some 1200 Crore Kilometers/746 million miles away. How would pouring oil on that black idol reach the planet called Saturn which is around 746 million miles away is a mystery that remains unsolved.

  But you can understand how superstitious, fearful and unsure he can make people. Negativity and Fear are expertise of Saturn. But he is more interested in teaching the native then tormenting. The smart ones finally do understand after he is done beating sense into them but others keep hoping for all lights to turn green and that never happens.

   Saturn related troubles are not limited to Sade-Sati and Saturn Mahadasha. He shows the limits and capacities for each planet when he passes in a Gochara Transit through natal horoscope(planet positions at time of birth).

Saturn Passing Through Natal Moon

   The time Saturn enters in 12th house from position of Moon in natal horoscope the Sade-Sati is said to start. The most scary words in astrology for believers. Once astrologer says these two magic words you can be assured that the next seven to eight years are filled with nothing but tensions and anxieties of events which may never happen. That does not mean one should take this time lightly cause there would be some or other sort of trouble to keep the native worried.

   The important point here is for native to get over his/her worries and move forward no matter what. Saturn is trying to teach the native to venture into the unknown and not let those worries cloud his judgement.

Saturn Passing Through Natal Sun

   When Saturn passes through house where Sun is located at birth time there is serious identity crisis. The native garners a lot of negative fame and many people including friends and foes alike mock natives capabilities. Native himself suffers from inferior complexion.

   This gochara transit helps the native identifies his friends from foes. After all as they say: "Prosperity Brings Friends, Adversity Reveals Them". Native also learns the art of being humble with others around.

Saturn Passing Through Natal Mars

   Saturn passing through Natal Mars triggers frustrations and anger in native. In some cases even phobias and irrational fear follows. There could be frictions with brothers, neighbours, co-workers and others around.

   This gochara transit of Saturn helps the native learn about his limitations and stop taking blind risk. Also native learns to let go of his fears and phobias in order to achieve success. He also learns to not let his frustrations and anger get the better out of him.

Saturn Passing Through Natal Mercury

   Saturn passing through Natal Mercury triggers issues with communication, analytical and rational thinking. Some unlucky souls get neurological disorders especially related to movement and speech. Native would most likely lose his ability to talk himself out of trouble. Business/Job related issues could suffer especially if native is in communication sector.

  This gochara transit of Saturn through Mercury's birth time placement helps the native learn about pros and cons of proper communication. It also teaches him/her the need of analytical and rational thinking.

Saturn Passing Through Natal Jupiter

   Jupiter is the best planet in a horoscope. It rules over luck, happiness, abundance and well being. Naturally the significator for poverty(Saturn) would bring a full stop on all this matters when he passes over the house of Jupiter. The native loses his positive attitude, has to shed his easy going life, probably loses a lot of weight due to worries and worst he loses all his happiness and luck runs out during that time.

   But even such difficult periods teach the native that luck could run out anytime so don't rely on it. Nothing lasts forever and everything goes one day. So he should constantly work and strive hard for happiness and well being.

Saturn Passing Through Natal Venus

   Venus is the planet of sensual romance, exotic pleasures, luxurious items like perfumes, music, dance, arts and other comforts in life. Saturn is boring, humorless, tasteless and always serious. When Saturn passes through the birth time house of Saturn he brings end to all comforts and joy. Native becomes serious about life and puts pleasures and romance on hold.

  Saturn's transition teaches native to limit the pleasures and romance so that he would not suffer the consequences later. Also he teaches the native to give up aristocratic way of life and try simple and humble living for a change.

Turning Tormentor Into A Teacher

   Saturn would always be a tormentor for those who refuse to change. But for those who are willing to learn and change Saturn turns into a great teacher. Saturn is the greatest teacher out there. He does not require pouring oil on a black idol and neither does he require other forms of appeasement.

   Saturn wants the native to let go of his worries (transit through Natal Moon), learn being humble (transition through Natal Sun), learn about limits, control anger and let go of unnecessary fears(transit through Natal Mars), learn to communicate better and analyse things before plunging to do work(transit through Natal Mercury), don't rely on luck(transit through Natal Jupiter) and also learn the art of simple and humble living(transit through Natal Venus).

  The smart ones would listen to what Saturn is trying to teach and act on it. For the rest who don't want to listen there is always pouring of oil on the black idol in a hope that it would reach the planet called Saturn some 746 million miles away.


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