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     Fear and fools are two important tools for fraudsters in astrology to make money. Unfortunately there is lot of misunderstanding and irrational fear regarding astrology. To add salt to the wound there are enough clients who are naive enough to believe that their condition would improve by doing superstitious remedies. So lets get a few things clear about astrology before we begin driving out this nuisance which has plagued a noble profession like astrology.

  1. Your planets are not weak or strong. It is your past and present karma which is the cause of your present day happiness or suffering.
  2. Planets are stationery objects located millions of miles away rotating on a fixed axis. They do not influence your thoughts and actions. Your own karma and your nature are the driving force. Planetary transits just point to the time when you would be driven towards prosperity or hardships. 
  3. Even Supreme Consious(GOD) has nothing to do with your your fate. Your own karma and your nature results in present predicament(Source: Gita Chapter 5 Shloka 14 and 15). 
  4. You cannot bribe your way out of troubles especially when it comes to matters of astrology, karma and fate. Genuine prayers to Supreme Conscious aka GOD may give you a new purpose and direction in life but it cannot drive your bad karma away. 

     Now lets get back to the original point of article which is to dissect the remedies associated with Lal-Kitab. Firstly Lal-Kitab is a fake book. Remedies associated with it are downright stupid superstitions which doesn't need any attention. No one knows how this Lal-Kitab originated but according to few sources it was written in Urdu during the first half of 1900 AD. Few idiotic remedies associated with Lal-Kitab are as follows: 

  1. Repeatedly build a small wall and destroy it for God knows what reason. Isn't it better to build someone a small house or even a house for your pets?
  2. Lal Kitab prevents some people from becoming an atheist. Atheism is an important school of thought in Hinduism. Atheists carefully weigh the pros and cons before giving judgement. They have scientific approach to life where they question everything and then finally give approval or disapproval. As long as you don't go trashing other people who believe in God, atheism is fine in Hinduism atleast. Ofcourse a few atheists in the west just go about trashing others beliefs while holding facade of being scientific and rational. Obviously this website does not want to approve of such farcical atheism. 
  3. Keep deer skin in house. Poor old deer dies and suffers for you to prosper. Is that irony or what?
  4. Keep horse shoe in front of door to bring luck. Apparently the horse shoe has yet to make anyone as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. 
  5. Going barefoot to temples to cure weak Saturn. I suppose a trip to doctors house due to a needle or sharp object piercing your foot and the excruciating pain resulting from it would be so much better then weak Saturn according to Lal Kitab.
  6. Pouring Rum in running water. High Quality alcohol going to waste. Would have been better to drink it or offer it to others. 
  7. Offering food to black dog/red cow/white cow etc. What difference does it make if it is black or white or brown or grey or transparent for that matter? Aren't they all animals? Don't they all get hungry? Then why the bias?
  8. Do not keep pot or kettle in the house? Where would the bloody tea or coffee be stored then?
  9. More the expenses, more the income. What kind of stupid logic is that? Economics says expenditure should be less then income. If you earn a thousand dollars you need to save atleast 100-200 dollars for likely calamity. 
  10. Offer coconut , jaggery, rice and other food items in river. So much for cleanliness drive. How the hell would rivers stay clean if people keep throwing food items in it? Worse Lal-Kitab also mentions throwing lead into water to calm Ketu. Lead is known to effect the nervous system and cause retardation in brain. The same river water is treated and returned to you as drinking water. How the hell would lead you threw in water not effect your children and your nervous system?

     These are just some of the countless mindless superstitions that have plagued astrology due to Lal Kitab. The greedy astrologer and the naive client don't realize that their illogical, superstitious and irrational fear are causing harm not just to themselves but to their children, the neighbourhood and mother nature. There is no point in praying to various goddesses  if her devotees would keep polluting mother nature cause these goddesses are a manifestation of mother nature aka Adi Shakti. Lal-Kitab is a farcical book out to destroy the foundations of Vedic Astrology as well make people fearful of noble planets which show the mandate forced on you by your previous karma. 

     I have written quite a few articles to undo the incredible maligning that these fake astrologers and quaks have done to Vedic Astrology. But there are enough people who out of fear would go to such fakesters. It is also the responsibility of astrologers to stop this useless fake propaganda. Astrology is nothing but knowing about your fate (Prarabdha) and what can you do to improve it (Purushartha). Astrology is just the medium while your karma is the tool by which miracles can be brought forth. So stop buying this Lal-Kitab bullshit. Improve your karma and you would automatically improve your life. If the need arises then do go to an astrologer but only to get a new direction in life or to get logical solution when in predicament. Bring the change in your life through your own hard work and sincere efforts. 

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