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   Many people bring items like Laughing Buddha, Shree Yantra and Chinese Bamboo without knowing what they are and what is their purpose. Someone advised them it would bring good luck and that is enough for them to spend a fortune on it. Let me start by saying these remedies for good luck actually work but only when you know what they mean and what is their importance. If you just buy them and put it in your house there is absolutely no effect. So start by knowing what they are and you would actually start getting the luck you always wanted on your side.

Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha   His real name is Budai in Chinese and Japanese refer to him as Hotei. His name implies cloth sack because of the sack he always carried on his back which was made of old clothes. He was a poor man who carried a cloth sack, prayer beads (Mala) and a bowl for seeking alms or begging. So the question now on everyone's mind would be how can a poor man who used to beg and worn torn clothes actually make you happy.

Moral of Laughing Buddha

   It is not the Laughing Buddha Idol which makes you happy but the message he carries which would make you happy. Even though Budai (Laughing Buddha) was poor, wore old and torn clothes and used to beg he was always happy. He was content and peaceful with whatever life had to offer him. He used to bring happiness to those around him and loved to entertain children. The message he puts across is very important and would bring you all the happiness you ever need. His message is simple and sweet: "Be content and satisfied in life no matter what it has to offer you. Always keep a happy and positive outlook in life no matter how difficult the circumstances. Give happiness to all those around you especially children and you would never be unhappy in life". The Laughing Buddha Idol is to remind the buyers of that precious message. Otherwise you could bring hundreds of his idol and you would still be unhappy in life. Make sure to understand his message and you wouldn't ever be sad again in your life.

Shree Yanra

Shree Yantra
Shree Yantra With Petals

   Most people are aware of Shree Yantra and know that it brings wealth and prosperity in the house. But it is not the Shree Yantra but associated effect it has on the mind which does the magic. It is the geometry associated with the design and the effect it has on the subconscious which does the magic. Shree Yantra is a complex diagram based on geometry. It contains five triangles in downward position while four triangles are placed in upward position. The point in middle is called bindu. The center point called bindu when stared at for 5 minutes would balance the right and left brain lobes. All the triangles are isoscles. The four triangles facing upwards represent Shiva the male energy while the five triangles facing downwards represent Shakti the female energy. These nine triangles are surrounded by two circles made of petals with the inner which has eight petals while the outer which has sixteen petals. These two circle petals signify creation and reproductive vital force. The four corners represent the supposed four openings of the universe. The Shree Yantra diagram on the right side is the more accurate of the two while the left diagram of the Shree Yantra is more to show focus of middle point (bindu) which increases concentration.

   Lets get back to astrological importance of Shree Yantra. Shree Yantra is a complex diagram which stimulates the brain. When certain mantras are spoken while looking at the Shree Yantra the effect on body and mind amplifies. Average human being only uses 1 or 2% of his total brain capacity. The more smarter ones at most use 10% of their brains capacity. The Shree Yantra when stared at has the power to awaken the dormant parts of the brain and awaken hidden thinking and analytical skills in a human. If spoken with sacred mantras like Gayatri Mantra or Maha Laxmi mantra it would open up host of creative ideas in your brains and awaken the latent abilities of the body which would enable you to earn the desired income. Make sure you understand that Purushartha is also essential and no amount of staring at Shree Yantra would suffice for it. Goddess Laxmi and Yaksha Kubera won't shower their blessings on you just cause you stare at the divine yantra. The yantra is for bringing out the hidden potentials of the body and the mind. The rest of it is Purushartha or hard work. But long story short this yantra does help bring out latent abilities thereby increasing your earnings.

Chinese Bamboo

chinese bamboo

   When you buy this beautiful plant the feng shui expert is sure to tell you that if and when the bamboo grows your luck also grows. Oh Well... Most of you would have noticed your luck doesn't grow. Another crazy theory associated with feng shui is if someone gifts you then only your luck grows. Well someone can gift you all the feng shui in the world and your luck still wouldn't grow.  It is the story associated with the bamboo and the message it puts across which makes your luck grow multi-fold. So here is the story. You can also see the video presentation of the story. 

   A Chinese Farmer was poor and used to struggle to earn daily livelihood. In a hope that he could earn a fortune he decided to plant bamboo trees in his farm land so when they grow high and tall he can earn a fortune out of them. He plants little seeds of bamboo on his land and begins to water them daily. He is wise enough to plant other crops to feed his family on a daily basis. The other crops he plants apart from the bamboo seeds quickly begin to sprout and provide the day-to-day income for the farmer. But the bamboo seeds on whom he had high hopes and dreams do not show any signs of sprouting. A year goes by and still the bamboo show no signs of growth inspite of daily watering and nurturing of those bamboo seeds. He starts to question himself and whether he had made some mistake, whether the seeds had died or rotted. But even with this huge dissappointment he continues to believe and water his plants. Second year goes by and the bamboo seeds still do not sprout. The neighbors of the farmer start to laugh at him for his failures yet he continues to water the bamboo seeds on daily basis. Three years go by and by now even the farmer starts to question himself. Yet out of habit or belief he continues watering the bamboo. Disappointment greets him daily as there is no sign of growth yet he still keeps watering the seeds inspite of the disappointment, anger and frustration. Even after four years of caring, watering and nurturing he gives in there is still no sign of growth in the bamboo seeds he planted. Yet out of instinct he continues watering the spots which has now become his habit. He couldn't care about rewards anymore but there is hope deep down that one day his patience would bear fruit. Even after five years there is no growth whatsoever. The farmer is dejected and depressed. He is sure now that there is no life in those plants. Yet out of some strange habit he keeps on watering the plants. Finally one day the farmer jumps in joy, shouts at top of his lungs and runs back home. The neighbors believe the farmer has finally lost it. But to everyone's surprise the farmer informs his family that his long and hard turmoil has finally bore fruit. The bamboo begin the sprout and in six weeks grow into a massive 90 feet tall strong bamboo tree. Five years of nothing and after that rags to riches in six weeks

Moral of the Story: Whenever you invest in a future understand that it takes time and perseverence before the desired outcome is reached. But first you must plan to invest in the dream. Do not entirely rely on your dream to make your life good and always put in little of your time and finances into ensuring your day-to-day survival. There are always those who scrutinize failures but be sure to be firm in your faith and beliefs. There are always times when you feel down and dejected by not getting the desired outcome but even during those tough times continue with the belief that they would reap awards someday. Never give up on your dreams after a few failures. Beautiful message. Isn't it?


     Oh!! But most of you already know this. Only thing that remains is the conviction and efforts to pursue those dreams. Astrology, Feng Shui and Sacred Yantras aren't just some hocus pocus magic which make your life beautiful, lucky and easy. The beauty in your life comes through your own efforts. The only difference such Lucky Charms make is to inspire you and also to awaken your hidden talents. Astrology, Feng Shui and other lucky charms are not as bad as made out to be. Only problem is the astrologers, feng shui experts and other spiritual thugs who are hell bent on earning a fortune out of fooling people and not spreading the message across. Do like and comment if you like this article. 


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