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     A lot of people in Hinduism have started looking at numerology in high esteem. What's more problematic is even astrologers born in India who should follow Vedic Astrology have started promoting this number crunching farce. I generally agree with globalism but not with stupidism. Remember Vedic Astrology was a well researched subject way before the Christian Calendar were even born. Western Astrology has its good points but numerology is just a waste of time. To do astrology based on numbers especially those related to Gregorian Calendar is bit silly for Vedic Astrologers. Astrology is all maths and numbers but those equations, permutations and combinations are not really related to the Gregorian Calendar we follow today.

    What Vedic Astrologers have done is adapt the Vedic System of casting horoscopes and giving predictions to the Gregorian Calendar which is a bit odd. Unfortunately not much is known how astrologers during the Vedic Period (before 2500 BC) used to derive results on astrology. So we have to take the Gregorian Calendar as reference point since there is little or no choice. While that would suffice for horoscope predictions as they've been adapted (with flaws ofcourse) one should definitely look out for number theories as lot of dates in Gregorian Calendar are subject to scrutiny. Say most numerologist believe number  '8' as an unlucky number. Any date of birth or residential house number with number which adds upto 8 is considered unlucky. But the fun part is Chinese hosted the Olympics on 8/8/2008 at exactly 8:08 AM. And they got the highest gold medal tally for Olympics 2008. M. K. Gandhi's date of birth adds upto 8. So does Nelson Mandela's birth date add upto 8. You could argue they struggled a lot but the famous stars and musicians like Penelope Cruz, Jason Statham and Enrique Iglesias also have the total of their birth date as 8. Well one has to ask how their Page 3 lifestyle are so unlucky. Japanese consider the number '8'(八 hachi) to be very lucky cause they believe that symbol broadens gradually and so would the luck. Similarly number 6 is considered a bit problematic but most people would love to swap places with Hugh Hefner wouldn't they? His birth total comes to number 6. Similary number 9 is considered very lucky yet there are countless people with a miserable life inspite of having that lucky number.

    If you wish to know if good luck would sign your way then there is a simple technique. Look at Current Transits Of Planets based on Vedic Astrology. No need to know the details. Just count the position of Moon from Jupiter. Include the house of Jupiter in the count as well (it is 1st house in counting). If the count comes to 1, 5, 9 and 11 then chances are luck would shine your way. If the count comes to 6, 8 or 12 then it may mean you need to take care on those days for your health and finances. If there is an auspicious day and your Moon's placement counted from Jupiter comes to 1, 5 or 9 then try taking major decisions (especially big financial transactions) in an auspicious time(Muhuratha). Chances of failure are very low if this is done. 

     But in the end always remember a simple number cannot make or break a person. Neither can a date of birth or time of birth decide anyone's fate. The ancient sages devised Vedic Astrology based on Transition Of Planets and Stars, not on Numbers and Dates. Even after that if you want to know your day-to-day luck then it is best advised to follow the simple technique explained in the 3rd paragraph. If you have any questions feel free to share in the comments section. 

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