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What is Matsya Yoga? How is it formed?

     Matsya Yoga is one of the wealth yogas mentioned in B. V. Raman's book titled: Three Hundred Important Combinations. For Matsya Yoga to occur there are three conditions that need to be met.

  1. First House(Ascendant) and Ninth House should have malefic planets
  2. Fifth House should have both malefics and benefic planets
  3. Fourth House and Eight House should also have malefic placements.

Results of Matsya Yoga

     Person born with Matsya Yoga would be full of empathy and love. He/She would be good natured, have a strong character as well as be religious and learned. He would be an avid reader.

Remarks on Matsya Yoga

     This yoga is supposed to provide beneficial results. But if you judge the conditions for this yoga to happen then one is inclined to believe that this yoga would give bad results in childhood and old age. But its worth noting that Fifth House is the house of previous life good deeds. Sanskrit term is Purva Punya House.

     A benefic placed in Fifth House could bring happiness and wealth based on previous life good karmas. Its quite essential for malefic to be strong placed in First House or Ninth House for this yoga to give good results. Due to lack of data its impossible to ascertain if this yoga would give good results but normal observation seems to indicate that its likely to give bad results in childhood and old age.

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