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What is Kusuma Yoga? How is it formed?

     Kusuma Yoga is mentioned in B. V. Raman's works titled: Three Hundred Important Combinations. It is a yoga which grants kings status and ensures overall well-being. For Kusuma Yoga to arise in the horoscope there are certain conditations which must be met which are explained below:

  1. Jupiter must be located in Ascendant also known as First House.
  2. Moon must be located in the Seventh House.
  3. Sun must be located in the Second House.

Examples Of Kusuma Yoga

Results of Kusuma Yoga

     The person who is born with Kusuma Yoga would be head of government or hold high position in it. He could even be a ruler of a land. They are protector of their society and tribe. They can build and head towns and villages with their own efforts. And best of them all they have a reputation which cannot be maligned.

Remarks On Amsavatara Yoga

     Jupiter and Moon in Seventh House from each other gives Gaja-Kesari Yoga. It is one of the best wealth yogas possible in horoscope. If Jupiter in own sign or exaltion sign then that gives Saraswati Yoga in horoscope. If Jupiter is located in Twelfth House from Moon then it gives Shubhavasi Yoga. Many who become mayor, governors, magistrates, district attorneys or something similar are born with Kusuma Yoga. Though it is not always the case.

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