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What is Amsavatara Yoga? How is it formed?

     Amsavatara Yoga is one of the yogas for fame and overall well-being. It is mentioned in B. V. Raman's book titled: Three Hundred Important Combinations. For Amsavatara Yoga to form in a horoscope there are three conditions that must be met. Below are the three conditions.

  1. Venus and Jupiter must be in a movable sign(Aries Sign, Cancer Sign, Libra Sign or Capricorn Sign) and be placed in a Vishnu Sthanas(First House, Fourth House, Seventh House or Tenth House).
  2. First House also known as Ascendant should have a movable sign.
  3. Saturn must be exalted in one of the Vishnu Sthanas.

Examples Of Amsavatara Yoga

Results of Amsavatara Yoga

     Those born with Amsavatara Yoga earn name and fame which cannot be sullied. They are learned, versatile, love sex and related activities, have a good grasp on philosophical subjects and are generally among the ruling class.

Remarks on Amsavatara Yoga

     This yoga is very rare. Considering Saturn is only exalted in Libra Sign and it takes around thirty years for Saturn to re-enter Libra Sign. Last time Saturn was in Libra between 2012-2014. Before that it was in Libra Sign between 1983-1985. These are rough times calculated without use of Planetary Table Chart. The point is to show is that this yoga occurs very rarely in horoscope as Saturn needs to be exalted for this yoga to happen. Compared to Amsavatara yoga, Kalinidhi Yoga or Bheri Yoga are much more likely to arise in a horoscope.

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