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What is Kalinidhi Yoga? How is it Formed?

     Kalinidhi Yoga is a yoga mentioned in B. V. Raman's Three Hundred Important Combinations. It is one of the yogas which provides overall well-being. Kalinidhi Yoga arises in a horoscope when Jupiter is joined or aspected by both Mercury and Venus in the Second House or the Fifth House. Also Jupiter must occupy the sign of Venus or Mercury.

     Three factors are required for this yoga to happen in a horoscope.

  1. Jupiter is in Second House or Fifth House.
  2. Jupiter is in sign of Venus(Taurus Sign or Libra Sign) or in the sign of Mercury(Gemini Sign or Virgo Sign).
  3. Both Venus and Mercury join Jupiter in the horoscope house and planetary sign where he is placed.

Examples Of Kalinidhi Yoga

Results Of Kalinidhi Yoga

     Native with Kalinidhi Yoga is passionate, good-natured and is acknowledged by those in power. He gets to travel a lot and commands some authority over transport sector in his area. He enjoys an aristrocratic lifestyle and is generally immune from diseases.

Comments On Kalinidhi Yoga

     Jupiter and Venus are the greatest benefics in a horoscope. Jupiter is the significator of abundance, positive attitude, happiness and benevolent nature. Venus rules over romance, luxury items and celebrity lifestyle. Mercury takes in the qualities of his co-tenants and also he is articulate, well-informed and expressive. This is turn creates a persona of a highly literate, good-natured person with an eye for luxury and finer things in life. Such people excel in their life and are loved and adored especially by those in power.

     According to B. V. Raman, Kalinidhi Yoga can also happen in the Ninth House besides Second House and Fifth House. Also this yoga may also occur if Jupiter is with Mercury or Venus and is aspected by either Mercury or by Venus.

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