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What is Gaja Yoga? How is it formed?

     Gaja Yoga is one of the wealth yogas mentioned in Three Hundred Important Combinations by B. V Raman. Gaja is sanskrit term for Elephant. Elephant here is a metaphor for plenty and abundant. If lord of Ninth House counted from Eleventh House(here it is the Seventh House) is placed in Eleventh House along with Moon and is aspected by lord of the Eleventh House then Gaja Yoga is said to occur. Only three conditions are necessary for this yoga to occur:

  1. Lord of Seventh House needs to be in the Eleventh House.
  2. Moon should be co-tenant with lord of Seventh House and be placed in the Eleventh House.
  3. Lord of Eleventh House himself should aspect the Eleventh House.

Examples Of Gaja Yoga

Results Of Gaja Yoga

     Natives born with Gaja Yoga would be happy throughout the life and would command cattle, elephants and horses. Modern day interpretation would be luxury cars, private charter planes and luxury yatchs are possible to buy if one has this yoga.

Comments On This Yoga

     Seventh House is the House Of Business and Contracts. Eleventh House is the house of Gains and Profits. Having the planet which handles business matter in the house of profits would help. Also Moon represents Business and placed in Eleventh House is indeed a blessing. Finally to put the icing on the cake there is the lord of Eleventh House which aspects or looks after the Eleventh House. This yoga though somewhat rare could alteast guarantee a royalty lifestyle with riches beyond wildest imaginations. Also they are born negotiators and can excel in business sector.

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