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What is Mridanga Yoga? How is it formed?

   Mridanga Yoga is one of the yogas described in B. V. Raman's 300 Important Combination. It is also described in short in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra which is ancient book on Vedic Astrology. Mridanga is a musical instrument and is similar to modern day drum. Mridanga Yoga gives name, beauty and fame. For Mridanga Yoga to occur in a horoscope there should be three conditions which need to be met. They are:

  1. The Navamsha Lord or 1st House lord of Navamsha must be exalted in Main Chart and be located in a Vishnu Sthana or Laxmi Sthana.
  2. Lord Of Navamsha must be in own sign or friendly sign in the Navamsha Chart as well.
  3. Ascendant Lord of Main Chart should be in strong condition

Examples Of Mridanga Yoga

The Navamsha Lord(Jupiter) occupies exalted sign in Main Chart and own sign in Navamsha Chart. The Ascendant Lord(Mars) is in exalted sign in Main Chart.

Results Of Mridanga Yoga

   Natives with Mridanga Yoga is respected by rulers. He is famous, attractive and commands influence over others.


   Mridanga Yoga deals with both the Navamsha as well as Ascendant Lord of Main Chart. Ascendant or 1st House rules over self and looks after health, character and mental well-being of the concerned native. As long as Ascendant of Main Chart and Navamsha are strong there is every chance that a native is good-looking, has good health, good character and a balanced mind. Such native are sure to be liked by others. Fame accompanies them wherever they go and they are sure to command influence over others with their perceptive thinking and clarity in thoughts and speech.


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