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What is Bheri Yoga? How is it formed?

   Bheri Yoga is one of the wealth yogas mentioned in B. V. Raman's: 300 Important Combinations. It is a yoga which gives health, wealth and prosperity. If Jupiter, Venus and Lord of Ascendant all occupy the Vishnu Sthanas and if Lord of 9th House is strong in the horoscope then the resultant yoga is called Bheri Yoga.

Examples Of Bheri Yoga

Results Of Bheri Yoga

   Native with Bheri Yoga is long-lived, gains a healthy body, is a ruler and has multiple sources of income. The native is religiously inclined and begets a good wife/husband as well as children. He is Spiritual and generous when doing Charity.


   Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics. Vishnu Sthanas are 1st House, 4th House, 7th House and 10th House. These Vishnu Sthanas rule over Childhood(1st House), Youth(10th House), Middle Age(7th House) and Old Age(4th House). Placement of Jupiter and Venus in Vishnu Sthanas is a good sign that that stage of life would provide great benefits. 1st house in strong condition ensures that native is healthy both physically and mentally as well as attractive and charming. 9th House rules over Fortune. If the lord of 9th House is strong then chances of a fortunate, happy and successful life increase drastically.

   Bheri Yoga ensures overall happiness and comforts for the native.


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