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Trump vs Hillary: Astrological Analysis

   Mr. Trump vs Ms. Clinton is an intriguing race so to speak. First Female Presidential Nominee vs a Person who Promises to make America Great Again. This website is limited to Astrological Analysis of chances for both and would not dwell on merits or demerits of concerned candidates although some character traits need to be mentioned to legitimize Astrological Accuracy. Donald Trump is born with Leo Ascendant and has Sun+Rahu in the 10th House. Both of which grant leadership role. Hillary Clinton's horoscope cannot be ascertained as multiple time of birth are floated around but a few constants remain in her horoscope based on date of birth.

   If Moon is counted as Ascendant then also Trump holds the Trump Card as Sun+Rahu is in 7th House while Mars is in 10th House. Lord of 10th House(Sun) in 10th House from itself(7th House is tenth when counted from 10th House) is an auspicious sign. Moon counted as Ascendant for Ms. Clinton would put Sun in 8th House and Jupiter as lord of 10th House. Again Jupiter is also not a leadership persona and more suited for the role of a Minister. The fact that Ms. Clinton had to drop out of 2008 Elections Presidential Race and settle for Secretary of State in Obama Administration is a testament to Jupiter's limitations.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Horoscopes

   Horoscope provided below for Ms. Hillary Clinton is a presumptive horoscope based on various sources. It may not be 100% accurate as her time of birth is not clear.


Debilitated Dilemma For Hillary

   Ms. Clinton's exact horoscope would be hard to get hold of cause her time of birth is ambiguous. But her date of birth definitely puts one thing in order and that is both Sun and Mars are debilitated. Sun does NBRY being placed with Venus in Libra Sign while Mars is debilitated and with Saturn. Her Career Reputation is low and most people who support her are more or less opposed to Mr. Trump's presidential candidature rather then her positive Career Reputation.

Saturn imposes restrictions and limitations and Ms. Clinton is the one who has shown restrain and diplomacy in her speeches. On the other hand Mr. Trump has gone all guns blazing against his opponents both in the Republican Race for Presidential Nomination as well as Presidential Race. Ms. Clinton has a lot of unwitting support. Some support for her is due to her gender. Sun is associated with fame and so is Mars to some extent. Since both are debilitated in Ms. Clinton's horoscope, her reputation has suffered.

   There have been a few examples before of Debilitated Sun settling for No. 2 positions most notably of Mr. Sardar Patel. He had a debilitated Sun in the 7th House and a NBRY due to Sun yet he never got to lead Independent India inspite of being overwhelming favorite. The debilitation of Sun never really left and he had to settle for Home Minister's Post. Same was the case with Mr. Lal Krishna Advani who also had a debilitated Sun.

Exceptions For Debilitated Sun

   There are a few candidates most notably Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Theodore Roosevelt who have occupied the highest post in their countries. But point to note is Mr. Roosevelt gained back door entry to Presidential Post in 1901 after elected President Mckinley was assassinated while Mr. Pahlavi was elected due to his bloodline and not via people's vote. Albeit Mr. Roosevelt did win elections in 1904 so there are exceptions.

Trump Trumpets

   Trump has Sun and Rahu in 10th House. Sun provides leadership skills while Rahu is a poser but a damn good one. A lot of Mr. Trump's promises are far fetched so to speak. Practical application is difficult but Rahu helps clouds these shortcomings. Sun is a charismatic leader but a headache for employees and many of his decisions may not go well with Government Employees. It is more then likely he could make quite a few opponents on International Front due to his Aristocratic and Autocratic approach owing to Fiery Mars in Fiery Leo Sign. But that is for the future to decide.

   His fiery speech and ability to clearly voice his views on Terrorism is due to having Mars in a fiery sign in Ascendant. That makes him direct and unafraid. He is more then likely to push his agenda and visions irrelevant of consequences. Mr. Trump has Jupiter Period(Mahadasha) of the Vimshottari Dasha Period starting in November 2016 and Jupiter being lord of 5th House in both Lagna Chart and Navamsha Chart promises a prominent role in matters governed by 5th House. In this case it would be Politics.


Based on Astrological Analysis, Mr. Trump may very likely become the next POTUS. But Astrology does not take Purushartha into factor. That is why Ms. Clinton should try her level best come what may. Astrology is limited to deducing what and whom the Star favors. If elected to power than Mr. Trump could push for a major war around time of re-elections owing to Saturn in 6th House which is house of Enemies. That is altogether an entirely different possibility and cannot be discussed as of now.


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