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No Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga in Old Texts

     Not much is said about Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) in traditional Vedic Astrology. It was later propagated by new age astrologers especially by B. V. Raman. However what has largely been observed is there are valid reasons to believe that such a yoga occurs in a horoscope. Nothing in this world inspires people more then the underdog who fights all odds and wins. Rags to Riches story is an inspiration for all people who dream of similar fate. 

Video Of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga

What is Neech Bhang Raj Yoga?

   NBRY in simple terms is an astrological yoga which leads an underdog to perform above average deeds and acts. But for NBRY to occur a fundamental law is that the concerned person has to see humiliation and defeat in early part of life so much so that most of those around start to question the native's credentials. But these same humiliations and defeats are slowly but surely building the character of native. He/She starts to see things differently and sooner or later finds the ingredients which make him/her successful and renowned. Ofcourse those around can never imagine how such a loser can achieve unparalleled success so they merely pass it off as got lucky but for the native the story is different. He/She knows the hard work, sweat, patience and noble intentions that had to be cultivated to reach the place among elites. In a way it can be said that the bad characteristics of the planet never go away and such natives inspite of their position in life are always questioned by those around. 

Rules For Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga

      Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga has some rules which are needed for cancellation of bad characteristics. Some primary factors are mentioned below:

  1. Debilitated(Neecha) planet occupies the Vishnu Sthana or Laxmi Sthana from the Ascendant or Moon counted as Ascendant. Some astrologers consider only Vishnu Sthanas(Quadrant Houses) while others also count Laxmi Sthanas(Trine Houses) for NBRY to occur.
  2. One of the co-tenants along with the debilitated planet is an exalted planet or lord of the sign (for eg. Jupiter in Capricorn Ascendant along with Saturn or Mars as co-tenant) 
  3. Debiliated planet is retrograde (for eg. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces Sign produces NBRY if Jupiter is located in Cancer Sign and native has Pisces Ascendant). 
  4. If the ruler of sign of debilitated planet is in a Vishnu Sthana(Quadrant) and in an exalted sign or own sign  (for eg. Saturn in Aries Sign would cause Neecha Bhanga if Mars is in Capricorn Sign)
  5. If the debilitated planet is located in an exalted Navamsha in Vishnu or Laxmi Sthana
  6. If the neecha planet has good Ashtvarga strength.

Note: Having two of the first four points are probably the strongest indicator of having NBRY in your horoscope.

Neech Bhanga vs Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga

     These are rough points and there is actually a lot more to the equation. The term 'Neecha Bhanga' actually differs from the term 'NBRY'. Neecha Bhanga is just the cancellation of neecha characteristics. In simple terms Neecha Bhanga leads person to lead a normal or above normal existence but does not have the capacity to turn a beggar into a king. Many people see Neecha Bhanga in their life cause one of the above equations is possible to be present in the horoscope. But NBRY has that capacity to turn dirt into gold. That doesn't happpen all the time. 

Turning A Beggar Into A King

     Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) is a yoga which has the capacity to turn a beggar into a king. If this yoga is present in a horoscope then it would show nothing but humiliation, dejection, frustrations and failures in the first part. Then comes the Bhanga or Breaking. And after that there is the Raja Yoga or King's Status. The person learns from his/her failures and starts finding the ingridients for success. And he/she becomes a person who is admired, loved and respected by the society. They sees riches, luxury and success which ordinary folks can only dream about. This is the power of NBRY. It is one of the dream yogas to have in a horoscope.

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