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General Characteristics Males

    Leo Sign is a fixed sign, fiery in nature and male by gender. In terms of career and popularity it is the best ascendant a person could have. The lord of Leo Ascendant is Sun who is the King among planets. They are endowed with all the qualities of Sun both good and bad. Males with Leo Ascendant fair well though they may have ego issues which cannot be tolerated by others around them.

Benefics and Malefics

Mars and Sun are benefics with mars being the most benefic for Leo Ascendant.

Mercury and Venus are malefics.

Jupiter, Moon and Saturn are neutrals for this ascendant

Physical Features

Leo Ascendant males have large and piercing eyes. They have brown and thick hair. They have large forehead. They are thin with a good bone structure. They are medium in height and generally well built. They look commanding and confident of themselves. 


Male natives are very ambitious. They can command authority and respect from peers and foes alike. Many a times their ego leads to difficult relationships with others. Even though they are kind by heart they lack empathy to fully accept other's limitations. They have a habit of looking at life through their own prism of beliefs. A fiery planet like Sun or Mars not only brings arrogance and ego but also anger. They could even end up being way too boastful if Sun occupies ascendant. Planets like Jupiter or Mercury in ascendant could give a clever and successful businessman able to solve business problems with tact and diplomacy. They can have great career in management firms, agriculture especially production of food grains, share markets and as consultants.

Marriage & Family

In marriage male natives are likely to marry someone older then them. That won't be such a bad thing as a mature head is required to handle the high-handedness of leo ascendants. They are generally more attractive among the two partners. Marriage requires an understanding, assertive and calm partner to sustain otherwise divorce is possible. It is well advised for male natives to find an understanding partner willing to work out things. Also they need to keep anger and ego in check when dealing with partner and with family members. 


Trustworthy, Confident, Firm Minded, Ambitious, Flair for Arts and Stage Performances, Independent Thinking


Arrogance, Suspect to Flattery, Lacking Empathy, Excessive Showoff, Argumentative. 


Indigestion, Acidity, Heart Problems, Stomach and Joint pain, diseases of bones and spinal cord, blood impurities, ulcers in stomach and intestine problems.


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