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General Characteristics Females

     Leo Sign is a fixed sign, fiery in nature and male by gender. In terms of career and popularity it is the best ascendant to have. The lord of Leo Ascendant is Sun the King among planets. They are endowed with all the qualities of Sun both good and bad. This is a great ascendant for females who are career oriented and love their personal freedom.

Benefics and Malefics

Mars and Sun are benefics with mars being the most benefic for Leo Ascendant.

Mercury and Venus are malefics.

Jupiter, Moon and Saturn are neutrals for this ascendant

Physical Features

Females with Leo Ascendant have large and attractive eyes. Hair color is brownish. They have attractive face with thick and long hair. Skin is dusky but radiant like the Sun. They are tall or medium in height. Generally they have a slim body with a strong bone structure. They have a large and attractive forehead. They are quite athletic. 


Females of Leo Ascendant command respect, idolization and attention from others. They are confident bordering on arrogance and firm in views. They are ambitious, large hearted and love having independent views. They love to work out and exercise to stay fit and healthy. They have all the attributes to be in the top management positions. Though less likely to be popular with subordinates they sure do get well with boss. They love to push others around and expect everyone to follow their lead in setting work standard. They can have a wonderful career in entertainment and media as well as in land dealings, agriculture, management firms among others. 

Marriage & Family

Leo Ascendant females value their independence and freedom of thought and speech. They also love to be center of attention in parties and social events so a partner who is willing to play second fiddle is advised. Many times females fall for a partner who is much older or younger to them. They love success, masculinity and popularity and often seek a partner with similar qualities. Yet they are better off with someone who is willing to share or give up the limelight. Marriage is a challenge for them but they are willing to work out the differences in a marriage. They are prone to extra-marital affairs and must take due care not to spoil a good marriage due to impulsive desires. 


Trustworthy, Confident, Firm Minded, Ambitious, Flair for Arts and Stage Performances, Independent Thinking


Arrogance, Suspect to Flattery, Lacking Empathy, Excessive Showoff, Argumentative. 


Indigestion, Acidity, Heart Problems, Stomach and Joint pain, diseases of bones and spinal cord, blood impurities, ulcers in stomach and intestine problems.


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