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General Characteristics Males

    Cancer Sign is a movable sign, watery by nature and female by gender. The lord of Cancer Ascendant is Moon. Shree Ram the greatest king to ever have lived and an avatar of Lord Vishnu had Cancer Ascendant. This is one of the best ascendants for both males and females as it gives a genuine personality with caring and compassionate attitude. Jupiter in Cancer Sign is the greatest benefic a person can have. The only flaws for Cancer Ascendant natives are the first marriage and health.

Benefics and Malefics

Jupiter and Mars are benefics. Mars is the best benefic being lord of 5th House and 10th House.

Venus and Mercury are malefics for Cancer Ascendant.

Saturn, Moon and Sun are neutrals.

Physical Features

Males are rounded and sometimes obese. They have a round face, small but prominent nose and unscrupulous hair. They have a fair complexion unless malefics occupy ascendant. Eye color is black and eyes are slanty. If Mars or Saturn occupy ascendant then chances of thin and slim body are high.


Cancer Ascendant males like their female counterparts have a very kind and caring personality. They are passive, kind and full of empathy for others. They have virtues of the highest order. They are generally admired by both males and females. Their kindness and compassion for others is a noble quality which makes them stand out among their male counterparts. If Mars occupies ascendant then that could create for a highly unstable mindset. They are less suited for business. They can make good, honest and sincere employees at workplace. They are suited to work in any place where there is less urgency and company appreciates sincere and honest workers. 

Marriage & Family

Cancer Ascendant males are honest, sincere, obedient and faithful yet all they get in a marriage are disloyalty, criticism and insults. Unless there are favourable aspects on 7th house, there is every possibility of having a difficult first marriage. Second marriage could very well work in favour of the natives. But the trauma of first marriage is always discomforting for male natives. Even if there is no divorce there are bound to be conflicts initiated by the partner with no fault of male natives.


Kindness, Obedient, Orderly, Patient, Compassionate, Empathy, Imaginative and Shyness


Impatient, Not Careful in doing work, Not able to stand up for their rights.


All Cancer Ascendant natives are bound to have problems of cough and cold unless there are favourable aspects on ascendant. In dry weather they are prone to suffer from dehydration. They also could have troubles in knee-joints, fever, swelling and back pain. Their mental state could also be subject to change if they pass through a painful ordeal. 


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