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General Characteristics Females

     Virgo Sign is a dual-sign, earthy by nature and female by gender. This is the sign where Mercury gets exalted and shows all the qualities associated with his moniker of a Prince. Virgo Ascendant is a good ascendant for both males and females. The qualities associated with Mercury like intelligence, quick speech and witty thinking are always their main assets. Over and above that they display a calm and clever demeanor. 

Benefics and Malefics

Venus is the best benefic being lord of 2nd House and 9th House.

Moon, Mars and Jupiter are evil or malefics.

Saturn, Sun and Mercury are neutrals.

Physical Features

They have a tall and slender body. Eyes are slanty with piercing looks. Hair can sometimes be curvy. Eyes can be blue or light-greyish depending on geographical location. They have thick eyebrows and straight nose. They look younger then their actual age. They have small unattractive lips which otherwise ruin a very attractive face. They walk very quickly.


Females with Virgo Ascendant are intelligent and street smart. They are kind and friendly with others. Qualities of Mercury like fun loving, vibrant personality and unpredictability are always present among females natives. They have good organization skills, are quick thinkers and able to take executive decisions. They are ideal employees for any company which has a Marketing Department or requires quick decisions to be taken. They are quite respondent to changes and able to act quickly. Most people desist changes but Virgo Ascendant natives actually look forward to changes. They are one of the quickest to adapt to new rules and regulations at a work place. They can also carve out an excellent career in research and jobs where analytical skills are required. 

Marriage & Family

Females are unpredictable in relationship. A typical trait associated with Mercury of sometimes losing mental balance never leaves them. They are sure to explode when in doubt and harassed by opponents. For marriage a very positive aspect is the partner is understanding and calm. Unless bad aspects are present in 7th house and 8th house it is very unlikely that female natives with Virgo Ascendant divorce. Relationships with siblings maybe a challenge. Generally relationships with family and friends is nice barring few minor misunderstandings. 


High Principles, Trustworthy, Generally well-behaved, Good Character, Humility, Clean & Tidy, Clever, Street Smart


Very Sensitive, Unstable Mind, Worrisome attitude, Unwilling to forgive and forget.


Indigestion, Mental Diseases, Blood Impurities. Diseases and Problems related to Stomach and Intestine. 


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