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      The prediction that everyone keeps asking: Would Mr. Modi remain PM after 2019 elections? 2019 is all about those who support Mr. Modi vs those who oppose him. Its Modi vs United Opposition. Its assumed that the Indian general elections would be around March or April of 2019. Around March-April 2019 there are going to be interesting star configuration. Five planets namely Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu would be in fiery signs Sagittarius or Aries. One can expect fireworks, political slandering, name calling, heated debates, fights and even riots in some cases in build-up to the elections. There can be unprecedented heat wave and acute water shortage also in some places.

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     But the all-important question is: Would Mr. Modi win or lose? The answer is Mr. Modi should win comfortably as he is under effects of Saturn's Sade-Sati. Sade-Sati rewards efforts and hard work. There is no denying of the fact that Mr. Modi has worked hard and tried to improve lives of those below poverty line. Whether he succeeded or failed to improve lives of citizens is subject to political discussion but there should be a consensus that he tried. Saturn doesn't care about outcomes. Saturn only cares for hard work and genuine efforts. In Saturn's eyes, Mr. Modi whether a success or failure is far worthy a leader over his political rivals who have done nothing but talked empty rhetoric. Saturn would definitely favor Mr. Modi over his political rivals. 

     Jupiter would be travelling via First House and Second House during run-up to 2019 Elections. There it would cast an aspect on Fifth House of Politics and Ninth House of Fortune. From Second House it would cast an aspect on Sixth House of enemies and Tenth House of career. No matter how you look at it Modi would be blessed by two biggest planets in solar system. Sun moves through Fifth House of Politics and Sixth House which gives him victory over his political rivals. Both are friendly or exaltion signs so Sun who provides leadership status is favorable during election time for Modi. 

     There was one big issue of Ketu joining Saturn in Second House. But that fear is put to rest by Jupiter also joining Saturn and Ketu around election times. Jupiter would lessen effects of Saturn and Ketu in Second House. Only big issue for Mr. Modi around elections would be Rahu in Eight House. Rahu maybe in a friendly sign but Rahu is known to be unpredictable at times and aspect on Twelfth House of losses is certainly not good for Mr. Modi. Other then that many stars favor him to win comfortably in 2019 elections. If Mr. Modi does fail to get majority then there could be troubles around 2021 when Rahu moves into Seventh House of alliances. But in 2019 atleast it seems as though Mr. Modi should prevail. Sun, Jupiter and Saturn would make sure he does. 

     Note: This is an astrological prediction and not an absolute certainty. Lots of other factors come into equation in an election. Readers are requested not to place any political-bets based on prediction.

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