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     When you talk about Ambani's in India you normally talk about business, riches and power. But today one of the most powerful and influential business person in India is powerless and insignificant against stars and constellations of our solar system. Mr. Anil Ambani for all his power and riches is possibly going through the worst crisis in his life. His horoscope sheds some light on his sudden decline in wealth, his feud with his brother as well as the current turbulent times that are on him. 

Horoscope of Anil Ambani

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Ascendant of Mr. Anil Ambani

     An ascendant gives a clear idea on the character traits, personality and looks of a person. Mr. Anil Ambani is quite simplistic in looks due to having a Capricorn Ascendant and has large pupils but very small eyes another typical trait of Capricorn natives. There is Venus aspecting the ascendant which gives him a touch of flair and aristocracy. His love for fitness and marathon races is due to fiery Mars aspecting his ascendant.  

His marriage to Ms. Tina Munim

     Seventh House deals with marriage and spouse. Mr. Anil Ambani's Seventh House has Mars and Venus. Any association of Venus and Mars suggests native is likely to settle for love marriage. Venus and Mars together and aspecting ascendant often suggests some connection with entertainment industry and also marriage is based on physical attraction. Everyone knows that Ms. Tina Munim was a famous bollywood personality with beautiful looks and stylish persona before she married Mr. Anil Ambani.

     What very few people know is both Mr. Anil Ambani and Ms. Tina Munim had been dating for quite a long time before they could tie the knot. They had a few break-ups along the way. Also it took quite a lot of persuasion from Mr. Anil Ambani to convince Ms. Tina Munim to marry him and his parents to accept Ms. Tina Munim as their daughter-in-law. Capricorn Ascendants have it hard getting married and they need to put a lot of effort to convince their moody and emotional spouse to marry them. With Mars+Venus together its quite possible that marriage isn't that happy an affair for Mr. Anil Ambani. 

Feuds with brother 

     Mr. Anil Ambani did have a feud with his brother Mr. Mukesh Ambani for inheritance but they settled it amicably in the end. Since his Eight House of inheritance doesn't have major troubles he didn't lose much and instead gained quite a good deal out of demerger of Reliance empire. Having said that Mr. Anil Ambani has levelled serious charges as well defamation cases against his brother. There is debilitated Mars in Seventh House which makes him frustrated and angry on quite a few occasions. Mr. Anil Ambani in all court cases by him or against him would likely lose or would have to opt for out-of-court settlement due to debilitated Mars in Seventh House. His Third House is troublesome which is why he has many feuds with his brother

His Failures in Businesses

     Mr. Anil Ambani has had many a failure in business sector. That's also due to debilitated Mars in Seventh House. Apart from Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure most of his other businesses are running in losses. Mars+Venus in weak condition means Reliance Power won't give him good returns in long run. Reliance Entertainment isn't running that smoothly even after making deals with top producers like Steven Spielberg. Fifth House governed for theatre and arts isn't in good condition for Mr. Ambani which is why he doesn't get the expected returns from movie production. Reliance communication got off to a good start but is a disaster investment now with Ericsson asking for around 539 crore(77 million $) settlement money to clear dues. His Third House has weak Ketu's placement and Rahu's aspect on enemy house. Since lord of Third House Jupiter aspects the house its possible that Mr. Ambani maybe able to salvage a deal out of this crisis. But its not possible that communication sector would work for him either. Other business like Reliance naval and shipyard also don't give the kind of results expected. 

His good businesses

     Reliance Capital is a good business for him in the long run even if its share prices are down just now. Mr. Ambani has a strong Second House which deals with investment which is fortified by powerful aspects of Mars and Saturn. Also good is Reliance Infrastructure in the long run cause his Forth House has no malefic or bad aspects on them. 

Why did he go bankrupt?

     Mr. Anil Ambani was one of the richest, most powerful man in the world some ten years ago. But today he has shown inability to clear his dues. There are possibilities of him seeing jail time as well if he fails to clear his dues. The problem for Mr. Anil Ambani is that Saturn is in Twelfth House of losses. Saturn in Twelfth House would make you lose all your hard earned money atleast once in your life and drive you to see misery and poverty. Its the mandate of karma forced on those that have this unfortunate scenario(Saturn in Twelfth House). It doesn't matter if you are a commoner or Mr. Anil Ambani. You cannot escape the wrath of Saturn in Twelfth House. 

Reason for Bad Publicity

     Mars deals with arms and amunition. Mars as described above is weak and debilitated for Mr. Ambani. He should never have ventured into defence and arms business. Today he is continuously hounded by bad publicity even though his cut of share in Rafael deal is only 33 billion(330 crore) while the whole deal is around 590 billion(59000 crore). There's panoti phase of Saturn running currently for Mr. Anil Ambani which tests him physically, financially and emotionally. It seems stars and constellations are hell bent on teaching Mr. Ambani not to try any defence deal in the future. Shree Rahul Gandhi and other Modi haters are just meant to be the catalyst for that. 

More troubles ahead for Mr. Anil Ambani

     With Ketu joining Saturn in Twelfth House and Saturn panoti running its quite possible that Mr. Anil Ambani would see prison time or he could go bankrupt totally. Time between March 7th 2019 and January 22nd 2020 is the worst period in life of Mr. Anil Ambani. Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu in Twelfth House means time until September 2020 would be a test for him. 

Investors beware 

     Investors if possible should stay away from Reliance company shares owned by Anil Ambani. After January 2020 there are chances of redemption for Reliance Capital and Reliance Infra shares. Both the ventures are governed by horoscope houses which are strong and don't have bad aspects for Mr. Anil Ambani. Once the testing times are over its likely that these shares might surge in prices. 

Way ahead for Mr. Anil Ambani

     Mr. Anil Ambani in the long run can settle all his dues. Since Rahu and other malefics aren't aspecting Saturn in birth-time chart its unlikely that Mr. Anil Ambani would see similar financial crisis again in his life. Mr. Anil Ambani should focus on infrastructure(Reliance Infra) and finance(Reliance Capital) for good returns. He can also keep most of his other business but don't expect major returns from them. He should drop the idea of doing further business related to defence sector as well communication sector.

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