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     Mr. Rahul Gandhi is the Prince of the grandest and most successful political party in India since Independence. Recently Mr. Gandhi made it quite clear that he intends to become the Prime Minister of India in the upcoming 2019 Elections. Its a bit tough to judge Mr. Gandhi's horoscope as there are multiple time and date of birth floating on the internet. But based on observation one thing is pretty clear: He has a debilitated Moon in Scorpio Sign. 

Rahul Gandhi Horoscope

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Above horoscope is based on approximate timings.

     Rahul Gandhi's speeches are often incoherent and many times filled with goof-ups. That's a result of having Moon in debilitated state in the Scorpio Sign. Mr. Gandhi is quite likely a Cancer Ascendant. He is fair and looks quite youthful. He lives in a 12, Tughlaq Lane which is a posh residential area in Delhi and grew up at 10, Janpath which can be termed as House of Prime Ministers. That's only possible via blessings of Jupiter in Fourth House. He shares the Cancer Ascendant and Jupiter in Fourth House in Libra Sign with his mother Smt. Sonia Gandhi. 

     Mr. Rahul Gandhi is known for being heir to Gandhi Clan as well as for his foreign travels. He has his own private jet and travels frequently to foreign countries. That's likely due to having aspect of Rahu and Jupiter on Twelfth House which allows him to travel abroad frequently. Mr. Gandhi has quite a few court cases on him. That's due to Rahu in Eight House but aspect of Jupiter has ensured that no major harm is done to him through those court cases. Rahu is in exaltion in Aquarius Sign in Eight House and that's the reason of the huge inheritance he has received for being heir to Gandhi clan. Mr. Gandhi for all his riches hasn't got any career exploits to boast off inspite of virtually controlling power corridors of India. That's partly due to a debilitated Saturn in Career House which gives career stability quite late in life.

     Mr. Gandhi comes from the glorious Gandhi clan which has given India three Prime Ministers. Mr. Gandhi owes his political career to his glorious family legacy. That's a result of Ninth House Lord Jupiter which deals with fore fathers aspecting his Career House. Yet destiny and stars might not favor him for top job of Indian Politics. Yes its quite likely that Mr. Rahul Gandhi would find it hard or impossible to be the Prime Minister of India. Debilitated Saturn in Career House aspected by Jupiter does give him a chance in the long run but that won't be without struggles and a lot of hard work on his part. 

     Top indicator for power and prestigate namely the Sun is in Twelfth House for Mr. Gandhi along with Mars who is lord of Career House. His humiliating defeats in one election after another are a result of having Saturn debilitated in Career House and Career House lord in very bad condition in an enemy sign. To put salt on wound there is aspect of Rahu and Saturn on lord of Career House. Its very difficult to see Mr. Gandhi achieve anything monumental unless he tries very, very hard. 

     With all his glorious family legacy and riches, Mr. Rahul Gandhi would quite likely be best known for being a political opponent of Mr. Narendra Modi when history books are written. Ofcourse that is not to say he won't see power in his lifetime. He is still young and with hard work he could surely get a reputable position in government one day. But in 2019 it might be too difficult a task for him to be PM of India unless something extra-ordinary happens which alters the course of destiny.

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