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     Everyone wants to become rich. Desire to become rich is not a bad thing at all. But not everyone gets to become rich cause their horoscope does not support it. Some people waste their whole life trying to save money and becoming rich in the process. They ignore their friends and family and live a miserable life just so they can save some extra cash in their hands. Unfortunately fate has other ideas and problems keep coming up which depletes their savings. 

      There is one eternal truth that: Money comes and goes. Saving all your money without spending a dime won't make you rich. Investing your money in suitable places makes you rich. Bill Gates among the billionaires is one prime example of that.

Horoscope of Bill Gates

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Bill Gates time at Microsoft

     Mr. Gates was said to be workaholic and ruthless when he was head of Microsoft. That's due to Mars, Mercury and Rahu aspecting the Tenth House which deals with career. He earned quite a fortune during haydays of Microsoft due to strong Eleventh House aspected by Venus, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter. Mr. Gates has problematic aspect of Mars and Saturn on Seventh House which deals with business partnership. Partnership business didn't provide him good results and he had a bitter fall-out with co-owner Paul Allen. But he didn't lose ownership or stake at Microsoft as lord of Seventh House Jupiter was aspecting it.

Diversified Investments in Stock Markets

     There was a time when he earned billions selling Microsoft Windows to the world. But that alone didn't make him one of the richest man on the planet. All his assets today are due to systematic and planned investments. Good thing about Bill Gates is he has diversified his investment portfolio and not relied on Microsoft stocks alone. His Fifth House is very strong with own sign Venus, exalted Saturn and debilitated Sun getting a correction from debilitation state via support of strong Venus and Saturn. That is why he has become one of the richest person on planet via investment in stock markets.

His Charity Works

     If Bill Gates had decided to put all his earnings in the bank then he would have lost all his money. That's cause Bill Gates has a very bad Second House as both Saturn and Rahu aspect it. Second House is ruled by Moon which is the planet of emotions. Bill Gates known for his ruthless work ethics at Microsoft is a softie and gives away millions of his hard earned money to charity. Second House is aspected by Saturn who represents poverty and Rahu who represents medicine and occult subjects. Mr. Gates mostly gives charity to improvise lives of people in poor countries as well as pursue advancement in medicines and science.

Lessons from Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is a great story for wannabe billionaires. Mr. Gates was smart enough to know that diversifying investments gives rich dividends. Investing in horoscope houses which have strength would give far better profits. Bill Gates also teaches us that money comes and goes. World won't remember you for being the richest person in a particular era. But it would remember you for the good things that you have done for humanity.

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