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     Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is the Seventh Chief Minister of Delhi. His political career is nothing short of fairy tale. Those who follow Indian Politics know him as a simple man besides Anna Hazare who went on to get an improbable 95% majarity in state elections. Ofcourse he has made enough enemies along the way with fair share of controversies as well as legal cases. 

Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope

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     Mr. Kejriwal was born with a strong exalted Moon in Ascendant. That is the reason for his mass appeal. Whatever his detractors say he is able to draw equal amount of flattery and criticism without doing much. Moon is the planet of emotions. Mr. Kejriwal is known to have emotional outburts in public life on quite a few occasions. Having Jupiter and Venus in Fourth House are responsible for him getting a degree from a prestigious university like IIT Kharagpur.

     There is Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Mars aspecting the Tenth House which deals with career. Jupiter, Mercury and Sun are generally responsible for getting work in government sector. Most of his life barring his first job at Tata Steel he has been involved with government sector in one way or another. Even his work at NGO involved him trying to get government bring RTI Act(Right to Information Act). Sun is strong in Moola Trikona position and aspecting the Career House. Sun gives authority and leadership roles and strong Sun in his horoscope made him the Chief Minister of Delhi. Jupiter's Mahadasha runs until August 2020 and that should ensure he remains Chief Minister of Delhi until his term finishes. Those who think he would need to step down due to controversies surrounding him are in for disappointment. 

     Venus is afflicted by Sun and Mercury and in his own nakshatra. Afflicted Venus is the reason why Mr. Kejriwal suffers from diabetes. His famous cough is result of debilitated and retrograde Saturn aspecting Gemini Sign. Gemini Sign rules over lungs. Saturn is windy by nature and a debilitated Saturn generally harms the breathing system and lungs. That is the reason why Mr. Kejriwal coughs a lot. Cough is just passing of extra air via mouth. 

     Mr. Kejriwal has two things which he himself needs to be wary off.

  1. Debilitated Mars in Third House.
  2. Debilitated and Retrograde Saturn in Twelfth House

     Third House rules media, news portals as well as social media. Kejriwal is a news maker due to debilitated Mars in Third House. Due to debilited Mars, Mr. Kejriwal normally invites negative publicity. But until now he hasn't shown any sign of improving his behavior. The problem is the aspect of debilitated Mars on Sixth House which deals with enemies, povery and misery. Sooner or later his wild allegations and controversial statements would come back to haunt him. He has already made enough enemies in political circles. He has a lot of defamation cases which could bring him poverty and misery in the coming years.

     Mr. Kejriwal is currently flying high due to Jupiter's Mahadasha which runs until August 2020. There are little or no chance of him seeing defeat or major troubles anytime soon. But after Juptier comes Saturn the stern and relentless task master. For Mr. Kejriwal, Saturn is retrograde in Twelfth House. Saturn would probably show Mr. Kejriwal hell after August 2020 if he does not mend his ways. There is no escaping Saturn's wrath for him. Depression, misery, poverty and diseases are a possibility. Even prison is not ruled out and that too for long period of time. 

     But having said that there is aspect of Jupiter on debilitated Saturn. It would be interesting to see how it shapes Kejriwal's journey. Whatever the case Mr. Kejriwal would do well to avoid any major controversies after Saturn Mahadasha starts. Saturn loves selfless service, devotion, honoring one's duty as well maininting a public decorum. Mr. Kejriwal has let his success go to his head on multiple occassions after swearing in as CM. Saturn being the task master that he is could turn life of Mr. Kejriwal upside down after August 2020. It is for Mr. Kejriwal to heed this warning just now and mend his ways. Otherwise worse would follow. 

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