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     Many youngsters consult astrologers for love and marriage related queries. Its not that difficult to predict the type of spouse, possible age when one gets a spouse, time to propose and other things via astrology. But its also possible to predict if natives would suffer heart breaks or not. Its a sad reality of life that many natives see heart breaks and break-ups in a relationship. Its unavoidable fate and astrologers prefer not to mention it even if they are aware of it.

     The greatest love stories be it Romeo and Juliet or Heer and Ranjhana all have sad endings where the love birds are not able to see their happily ever after. Even the Gods Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram are helpless against destiny. Venus afflicted or placed in a Dushamsthana would definitely show lovers paradise before finally wrecking the relationship and sinking it like Titanic. 

     So why is that an afflicted Venus causes troubles in love life? Well... Venus signifies love, romance and intimate relationships. And Venus in bad condition means love, romance and intimate relationships can have their share of problems. Most natives who have more then two marriages have Venus in a Dushamsthana especially the Eight House. Venus with Mars in a bad sign is also a recipe for disaster 

     Most celebrities who had more then one relationships including Brad Pitt, Salman Khan and Elizabeth Taylor among others have afflicted Venus. Based on experience its been observed that those with more then two marriages often have Venus in Eight House. There is love, passion and romance brewing in the air for sometime but later there is certain rejection and dejection. One can call it Karma or something else but its a high probability that Venus afflicted or placed in a Dushamsthana would show you heartbreaks in a relationship. 

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