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       Valentine's Day is the day when roses smell a lot nicer, the chocolates taste a lot more delicious and the sky seems a little brighter. When you are in love everything seems happy and cheerful. Its not the fault of lovers. Its phermones who are doing the tricks. Astrology doesn't care about dates or phermones. Astrology is only interested in statistics and likelihood of an event that transpired/can transpire. So is proposing on Valentines's day a good idea or not? 

     Around 14th February most love birds feel the harmones raging to pop the question to their love interest. Its only natural cause its a special day for lovers after all. But it doesn't always go nice and there are many times that the lover sees heart breaks. Astrology is a predictive subject and like all predictive subject its based on likelihood of an event occuring. As far as astrology goes its very clear: Don't propose on Valentine's Day no matter how hard you feel like showing your object of affection how much you care. 

     That's cause Valentine's Day is just another day in the astrological calendar. In Vedic Astrology only one planet, two horoscope charts and four houses are of significance when proposing to your love interest. They are: 

  1.  Venus
  2. Ascendant Chart and Moon Chart
  3. First and Seventh House in Ascendant Chart or Moon Chart. 
venus propose
venus propose

     Question on all lovers mind would be why check position of Venus? Cause Venus is significator of love, romance and marriage. First House represents self and Seventh House represents the life partner. Venus placed in First House or Seventh House influences both the native and his/her life partner. When Venus passes through the First House or Seventh House of Ascendant Chart or Moon Chart then there is greater likelihood of getting a positive response. There are more chances of marrying and settling down with your love interest. Love is all about spending your entire life with that special someone. Venus in First House or Seventh House counted from Ascendant Chart or Moon Chart ensures higher chances of getting good response. 

     Venus stays around 20-30 days in a horoscope house. So one has more time to propose to his/her love interest. Even if there is rejection one must not feel bad. That's cause the stars, cosmos and universe didn't plan on that person to be in your life. That is why he/she rejected your proposal. There is better likelihood of Happily Ever After if proposal and nuptials are done when Venus influences the marriage house. 

     Ofcourse it cannot be 100% accurate all the time. Some people are meant to have heart breaks even if proposals and nuptials are done on auspicious timings. Its how karma is balanced. But for others there are higher chances and likelihood of staying together if you propose when Venus influences your Seventh House.

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