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     An astrological article about sex is sure to grab eyeballs and would be deemed controversial by all accounts. But the purpose of this article is only to reveal the findings after study of several horoscopes.  Whether there is excess of sex or inadequate sex the primary factor seems to be The Twelfth House. Twelfth House is the all important house which deals with bedroom pleasures and physical intimacy in life. Ofcourse Twelfth House is much more than sex but discussion of other portfolios are better off reserved for some other day. Current article would deal with Sex and Bedroom Pleasures. Some of the findings are discussed below:

Sex Life is Unsatisfactory

     There are many clients who complain of late marriages, early divorces and no re-marriages. Some clients complain about lack of physical intimacy in marriage life. In all such cases its been observed that Twelfth House is in very bad condition. Native is unable to enjoy bedroom pleasures like others around his/her age.

Sex Life is Great

     Many people have a great sex life. All it requires is for Twelfth House to be free from bad influence. Also the Twelfth House lord should be favorably placed. If there is connection of Twelfth House and Seventh House lord then native enjoys great sex with marriage partner. If there is connection of Twelfth House lord with Fifth House lord then native enjoys great sex with lover. As long as Twelfth House and its lord are in good condition native is able to enjoy sex to the fullest. 

Twelfth House important, not Seventh House

     Many clients who complain about late marriages have a bad Twelfth House. They generally blame the Seventh House for their marriage woes. But in most of these cases the Twelfth House is responsible for late marriage. Surprisingly those with bad Seventh House and good Twelfth House may see divorce or problems in married life. But their sex life is observed to be great by blessings of a good Twelfth House.

Sex is over-the-top

     Then there are times when native crosses all limits to enjoy bedroom pleasures. Sometimes with multiple partners at same time. Its been observed that Twelfth House lord relationship with Sixth House or Eight House lord causes the native to cross limits to enjoy sex. Surely the results are catastrophic. Sexually Transmitted Disease are one of the results of such illicit affairs and unhealthy sex. Unfortunately most of them have a bad Sixth House or Eight House along with Twelfth House for such scenario's to occur. 

 What To Do? Any Astrological Solution?

     People who have a healthy sex life need not bother with astrology. But those who have lack of sex need to gain strength of Twelfth House. Prayers to Kamdev(Cupid) are essential. There is Kamdev Gayatri which is essential to be recited to increase romance and intimacy in life and to attract someone special.

     Those who crave for excess of sex need to see a Sex Counselor to help them curb their sexual tendencies. There are some yogas and pranayam poses which help control sexual impluse. It would be worthwhile to look them over internet. 

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