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     Many people today cannot marry at the right age. Normal tradition in astrology is to bash Mars and Saturn for late marriageMangal Dosha is spoken like its some sort of deficiency disorder. Poor, innocent and gullible clients are made to write Manglik on their matrimonial profiles just like those with smallpox were made to write Quarantine outside their houses in olden days. Truth is Mars loves everything fast so him being responsible for late marriage is very unlikely. While its definitely true that Saturn influencing the Seventh House or Twelfth House may lead to late marriage. Its not always the case that he is the culprit. Sometimes the benefic planets influencing the Seventh House of marriage can also lead to late marriage. Yes, you heard it right: The goody two shoes planets like Jupiter, Venus or Moon can also lead to late marriages. 

     Jupiter in Seventh House or influencing it presents a very strong case for late marriage. Jupiter is the most benefic planet in our solar system no doubt. He is a male by gender, full of wisdom and knowledge of the highest order. He is the planet of auspiciousness, fortune, abundance and happiness. And you would think such a nice guy can't make you suffer in life. Well... truth is he doesn't make you suffer. He just makes you wait for the right person and the right age to marry. Maturity comes after certain years of life have passed. Most people today believe in puppy love which seeks settling for nothing but perfect. Six pack ebs, six figure salary and six feet height. Men want nothing less then five feet five inches tall beauty with tall and slender body. They want every men to have oogly eyes for their life partner but them wrapping their arms around that piece of art. 

     Trouble is Jupiter only sees inner beauty and makes you settle for nothing else but beauty of soul. Outer looks are of no importance to Jupiter. For woman their ideal partner would probably be on chubby side, a simple guy who may belong to middle-class and nothing to boast about to your girlfriends. For males ideal partner would be a simple girl with short or medium stature who has never used mascara or lip gloss. Chances are the girl doesn't apply any make-up. But the good thing about these partners are they have a golden heart. They are so loving and caring that native thanks the heavens and Gods one day for giving them such a wonderful life partner. Their life partners are epitome of genuine care and concern. Their inner beauty is so radiant that all the six pack males and all the supermodel size zero females pale in comparision to them. 

     Not everyone is able to see inner beauty in their teens and youth. Some may see their whole life pass and they still couldn't notice beyond outer looks. But Jupiter influencing the Marriage House is very likely to make you realize the importance of inner beauty. It may make you wait for the right age when outer beauty is less important and a wonderful companion with a beautiful soul is your priority. So late marriage by Jupiter maybe a curse in beginning but when time comes you would realize just how blessed you are to have a simple life partner in your life. If you have Jupiter influencing your Seventh House of marriage then trust it to give you a wonderful compananion with a beautiful soul. Looks maybe simple but more often then not your partner is the epitome of genuine care and concern. 

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