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Late Marriage: An Inevitable Scenario

marriage blues   A lot of clients who come for consultation are worried about there Marriage not happening at the right age. Most of others around their age would be married and settled and they would still be clueless about the bride or groom they wish to marry. Some or other factor in life would make it impossible for them to get married and get settled in life.

   Marriage is governed by Prarabdha or Fate as many call it. It is impossible to marry unless fate has decided for the two natives to be together. Marriage is the only relation where Joint Karma is considered valid. A person's fate can go drastic change for the better or for worse with arrival of Spouse. Naturally the Creator/God would take note that the Spouse does not come into native's life before the opportune time.

   One can use Vedic Astrology to know if he/she would have late marriage.

7th House and Malefics

   If there are malefics like Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu then there is very likely going to be late marriage on cards. This is actually for the best as early marriage would most likely send the couples to Courts to seek divorce. The aspect of malefics on 7th House is far worse then the placement. If there are heavy aspects or placements of malefics in 7th House then it would be quite prudent for the natives to wait before tying the knot.

7th House and Benefics

   This would come as a surprise to most but placement of benefics in the 7th House would also delay marriage. This holds especially true for Jupiter and Moon in their own sign or exalted sign placed in the 7th House. Even Venus would delay Marriage as it is the significator of 7th House and placement in 7th House would very likely lead to delay in Marriage. This phenomenon is called Karaka Bhavo Nashto. This is a sanskrit term which broadly implies the Significator of the house placed in the house destroys the fruits associated with the House.

12th House

   Perhaps the biggest reason for late marriage. 12th House is known as House of Losses. Yet it is also the House of Sensual Pleasures and Physical Intimacy. 12th House also rules over Dreams and Imagination. A bad 12th House is sure to create hurdles in getting married. Natives with bad 12th House maybe married yet they maybe bereft of Sensual Pleasures and Physical Intimacy in marriage. In most cases they are unmarried and some even stay unmarried for their whole life.

   A bad 12th House means one must pray to Kamdeva the God of Love and also some prayers to a subtle form of Adi Shakti like Durga, Parvati, Lakshmi or Saraswati. Especially prayers to Shiva's consort Parvati are prescribed. She had the power to bring the God of Asceticism(Shiva) out of Ascetic lifestyle and into life of Grihasti(Family Man).

Second/Third Marriage Hopefuls

   There are times when native may divorce partner, may lose his or her partner or some other reason where they seek union for second or third time. If there is a lengthy delay between the Marriages then it is very likely that the 2nd House looked for 2nd Marriage or 9th House looked for 3rd Marriage have some placement or aspects which delay the marriage. It could also be due to a bad 12th House. In case there is a delay then praying to Shiva or Parvati along with Kamdeva would help get married sooner to a good candidate.

Avoid Superstitious Fixes

   A lot of clients come with illogical demand to try any solution to get their or their daughter or son's marriage fixed. Unfortunately Marriage is not something that is in control of humans. Astrologers who suggest superficial and superstitious remedies are equally at fault. If Marriage was under control of humans then most girls would like to marry the guy from movie Fifty Shades Of Grey and all guys would like to marry the Victoria Secret's Supermodel and that too at the tender age of sweet sixteen. Unfortunately it is not in hands of humans and never would be.

   Some of the clients try Marriage to a Tree, a Water Pot(Kumbh Vivah), to a tree bark and other such meaningless remedies. What that does is change the Marriage House but happiness and intimacy associated with Marriage would stay away from them. The most logical solution is to pray to Shiva if you are a female and pray to Laxmi/Parvati if you are a male. Chant the mantras given in Vedic Mantras to get the desired Spouse. And also recitation of Kamdev Gayatri would help bring an end of lonesomeness in life. So please avoid Superstitious Fixes at all cost.

Patience is the Key

marriage blues   Desperation and Frustration are natural when others around look happily married and settled in life. All a native can do is try to find a suitable spouse. Marriage only happens when Heavens decide for the couple to get married. But trying your bit and asking a few suitable candidates would go a long way. Whether marriage happens or not maybe decided by Fate but one can take solace from fact that he/she tried. Also patience while finding the right partner would help as it would help avoid desperation to seek an unfavourable alliance.

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