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Attraction vs Admiration

   Admiration is when you admire a person's character traits or his/her expertise in a chosen field, his/her convictions. Attraction on the other hand is Pure Lust. You are driven by the need to seek Physical Pleasure. This Attraction does not see Race, Color, Gender, Caste or Other Issues. Attraction is Pheromones at work taking the native on Cloud Nine and cultivating a strong desire to engage in a Physical Relationship with the Object of Affection.

   Vedic Astrology can be used to know if a native would be attracted to the Opposite Sex or not. Even a novice can do it. All that needs to be done is check placement of Mars and Venus in two horoscopes between whom you want to check if there can be attraction or not.

Example Charts

MarsxVenus Equals IronxMagnet

   Mars and Venus act as Iron and Magnet for each other. Mars is Aggressive, Male and Dominant while Venus is Romantic, Female and Passive Elegance. Once they are in same horoscope sign romantic sparks are sure to fly. In the example provided above the boy has Venus in Gemini Sign while the girl has Mars in Gemini Sign. There is intense attraction between them. Most horoscopes where Runaway Marriage, Love Marriage, Inter-Caste or Inter-Faith Marriage is done has a similar placement of Mars and Venus in the Boy and Girls Horoscope.

Attraction Not Equal to Everlasting Love

   For those who might think that if Mars and Venus are in same horoscope sign then they can marry need to re-consider their decision. MarsxVenus Combination only shows there would be an Intense Attraction between the two. It does not show if two people are Made For Each Other. Made For Each Other is a forte of Venus+Moon association. Mars+Venus only shows that Physical Intimacy in life would be at maximum levels.

   And that is why the trick is also apply Admiration when choosing a partner. Physical Attraction cannot keep a relationship intact forever. Mutual Admiration is the Foundation which would ensure that the couple stays with each other through thick and thin of life. So when you go choosing a partner always look for a quality which you feel is Admirable. There are negatives in everyone and they do affect chemistry in a relationship. But Mutual Admiration is a positive quality which would enable the two partners to forgive each others short comings and happily share life with each other.


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