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Friction Timings

   When you are in a relationship there are bound to be some differences. Some couples learn to move forward with the differences while others take the easy route of separation. Vedic Astrology cannot control matters of fate but it can sure predict likely times when frictions, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction and anger could increase in a married life. Below are the possible reasons for divorce. Generally speaking one of the below mentioned factors would definitely be the trigger for divorce in married life.


   Saade-Sati brings an end to everything that is holding the native back and what is not required for native in the long run. Saturn loves social norms and standing in the society so he would definitely resist divorce. But the overwhelming burden and pressure on mind caused by intense period of Saade-Sati is sure to trigger most couples with differences to think of divorce. Normally if both partners are having Saade-Sati then they are sure to opt for divorce. In a Saade-Saati a native is physically tired and mentally exhausted by Saturn's intense hardships. He/She has no capacity to work out little differences.

   All said and done Saturn loves Social Conformity. Saturn would definitely give enough time for couple to reconcile and those who keep their heads in check are sure to come out of Saade-Saati with the relationship intact. So think of Saade-Saati as testing times for a relationship. Do not think of it as Apocalypse and Doomsday for relationship.

Ketu Transit

   Ketu is a Prime Agent which triggers Detachment in Life. When a person all of a sudden loses interest in a relationship there are high chances that he is under influence of Ketu in one way or other. For first marriage generally the transit via 2nd House or 8th House creates emotional detachment from the spouse. And in 18 Months the native does the unthinkable and divorces the partner. When sanity does return it maybe too late for native to reconcile. It is imperative to check if Ketu is in 2nd House or 8th House from the Marriage House and accordingly pray to Lord Ganesha and recite the Kamdev-Gayatri Mantra to keep the intimacy intact in Marriage Life.

Dasha Period

   Vimshottari Dasha Period can also predict likely bad times and possible divorce in marriages. Dasha or Bhukti Period of Ketu, that of a Dushamsthana Lord or Enemy Planets Period-Sub-period(For example: Saturn Period-Sun Sub-period or Rahu Period and Jupiter Sub-period) can also trigger enmity, dissatisfaction's, misunderstandings and eventually divorce. Ketu Periods-Sub-periods are the most deadly. Ketu is another name for detachment and separation in Astrological View.

Use Counselors, Not Astrologers

   When Marriage has some differences the most fundamental flaw that Fighting Couples do is to ask Relationship Advise from those who have no idea how to handle Relationship Issues. That could be Friends or Family Members with no experience in calming Marriage Problems or even worst an Astrologer who is more interested in getting his goddamn prediction right rather then help the Sparring Couples reconcile.

   Always try to visit a Relationship Counselor first cause they have been trained to help sort out differences. Also talk to Family Members and Friends who know how to help reconcile small petty issues. Marriage is about sharing the good and bad of the partner. So accept the negatives along with the positives and try to work things out in Marriage Life. Divorce should only be used as last resort and in case there is abusive partner or in-laws. Small Differences, Fights, Misunderstandings, Bad Times and Troubles would all go away one day. Do not ever leave your partner for those cause Karma would never forgive you otherwise. If you are going to believe in Vedic Astrology then it is of very important to believe in Karma.


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