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Divorce: A grim reality

'Divorce': The single most scary word for people in new relationship or for those about to enter into a blissful married life. But unfortunately this is a harsh reality which many must accept. Divorces happen a lot and more so in modern era. Do Astrologers know whether a relationship will last or not? Yes they do provided they are good astrologers. Yes they also know which time you would most likely divorce. It is just a few basic laws and celestial timing which tell him whether to give a Red Light, a Yellow Light or a Green Light in marriage. Ofcourse there is a thing called Prarabdha which can make a fool out of the greatest astrologers but generally speaking a good astrologer would know if your marriage would last or not. Here are the few generalized cases where divorce is very likely.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant natives both Males and Females are very kind, emotional and sentimental. Unless malefics like Saturn or Mars occupy 1st house they are epitome of genuine care and concern. You would think such sweet people can never get unhappiness. But unfortunately they do in first marriage atleast. The simple reason is their 7th house has Capricorn Sign which is the sign of Saturn. Saturn loves oppression, despair and cruelty. Leo Ascendants both Males and Females also have Aquarius Sign in 7th house lorded by Saturn but Saturn shows his rigid and autocratic nature only in Capricorn Sign. One reason is for Cancer Ascendant's having more divorce then Leo Ascendants is that the 8th house is ruled by sign of Saturn (Aquarius Sign in 8th House). For Leo Ascendants the 8th house has Pisces Sign which is the sign of kind and generous Jupiter. 

Cancer Ascendants divorce more cause both the marriage partner and his/her family have the negativity and rigidity of Saturn and the free thinking cancer natives generally can't stand the regressive nature. Sometimes the partner and his/her family may also be cruel though in modern times that scenario is rare. Cancer Ascendants divorce most likely in first marriage unless there are planets which reject the idea and make the native accept oppressive and sarcastic partner as well as regressive in-laws. But if there is no way out maybe the divorce option is not such a bad idea. Second Marriage is very likely a decent one. Reason being 2nd house has Leo Sign lorded by Sun. Sun happens to be a friend of Cancer Lord Moon. The emotional and kind-hearted Moon accepts the flamboyant and care-free Sun as a life-partner. Unless there are bad aspects on 2nd house Cancer Ascendants fare well in second marriage.

Libra Ascendant

Libra is an odd ascendant to have for both males and females. It produces the greatest of leaders that would shape the future of the world. But they have zero family life. Libra Ascendant is ruled by Venus but Libra Sign has characteristics of Saturn in matters of right/wrong and justice. 7th house for Libra Ascendant is ruled by Mars. When Libra or Aries Ascendant natives both male and female enter marriage it is generally due to strong physical attraction and less to do with emotional quotient.

Mars and Venus are polar opposites in terms of personality. There maybe strong physical intimacy but when you have nothing in common differences pop-up. They start fighting over little differences and finally opt for divorce. Libra Ascendant natives cannot compromise on their beliefs and their partners are ticking time-bombs in terms of personality. Unless compromising planets like Mercury, Jupiter and Moon occupy or aspect the 1st house or 7th house or if Saturn rejects the idea of separation, Libra Ascendant natives very likely opt for divorce in first marriage. Especially true if Rahu occupies the 1st house or 7th house.

Sun and Venus in 12th house

This scenario is not rare as Sun and Venus rotate very close to each other. The ascendant changes every two hour in horoscope so Sun and Venus could occupy 12th house for a lot of natives. Not everyone of them divorces. But some do especially if distance between Sun and Venus is below 12 degrees. So if your Sun is located at 340 degree in 12th house then Venus at 344 degree in 12th house should send alarm bells ringing.

12th house is the house of sensual pleasures and dreams. Your romantic equation and physical relationship with your partner is defined via a good 12th house. No relationship can last unless there is intimacy in marriage. In old times it may not be the case but today sexual satisfaction is also one of the grounds for divorces. Any planet very close to Sun sees all his effects fade. 12th house is the house of loss and despair. So Venus in 12th house along with Sun is a pre-recipe for zero satisfaction in marriage especially romance and physical relationship.

If you have this scenario better start praying to a graceful avatar of Adi Shakti like Laxmi or Parvati. Even prayers to Lord Krishna would do.

Retrograde Planets

In Vedic Astrology there is a concept of retrogression(Vakri Graha). In reality planets do not move in reverse direction but speed of earths rotation and rotation of other planets around the Sun sometimes make it appear as though they are moving in reverse direction. More on divorces due to Retrogression in article: Retrograde Planet And Divorce

  Seven Planets including Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu follow retrograde movement from time to time. If one of these planets also happens to be in 7th house or be the lord of 7th house then chances of divorce increases many fold.

Rahu and Ketu in 1st house/7th house

Rahu is illusion. Ketu is breaking of that illusion. Polar opposites in terms of personality and they are located in 7th house from each other for all eternity. Rahu's aspect on 7th house creates an illusion about your life partner. You marry someone on whims and fancies and not based on rational thinking. Yes the marriage happens and it shows bliss for sometime. Afterwards when Ketu comes over and passes 8th house the dissolution or divorce occurs. Ketu breaks the illusion cast by Rahu and finally logic shines brightly in the mind of native.

Ketu in 8th house is also a great scenario to note that you would very likely divorce and separation would be tough. But even in normal scenarios when Ketu transits through the 8th house or if there is Ketu Mahadasha or Saturn Saade-Saati there is likely to be divorce. Don't blame Ketu or Saturn. They both only do the separation on relationship which would never last in the first place. They can't do jack about relationships which are meant to last.

Accept it and Move Forward

If you have any of these problematic scenarios in horoscope don't worry. Divorce is managed by Fate and not by Astrology. If there is divorce in your fate then none of these scenarios present could also lead you to divorce. If there is no divorce then all the scenarios could not affect your relationship. Also these are generalized scenarios. There are several other permutation and combination to consider before you judge if there can be divorce.

What is in the hands of natives is to work things out in a relationship. Relations cannot sustain if there are too many egos. There should be some compromise in relationships. When you marry someone you promise to share their health and sickness, riches and poverty, happiness and problems and also promise to stay by each other side. The success to all happy marriage is implicit trust and small compromises. Remember to follow them and there would be no need to visit another astrologer or counselor to seek counselling for relationship.


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