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     "Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth". Thats what is propogated when two people marry in accordance with norms of society. But when someone marries against the wishes of his/her family and well-wishers the devil takes the blame for instigating the natives choice. No one is to blame but the Individual himself and his Karma.

     There are times when an otherwise rational male or female native leaves logic aside and marries based on impulse. When parents and well-wishers question their choices and refuse to sanction their marriage, the love-birds take the easy way out of running and marrying the partner of his/her choice. Some of these marriages last a life-time and turn a blessing for the married couple while others result in painful divorces. Vedic Astrology can be used to predict if your marriage would turn blissful or end up as disaster especially for runaway marriage thinkers.

     The prime agents for runaway marriage are Venus, Mars and Rahu. When Mars and Venus combine in a horoscope there is intense physical attraction. A native marries someone based on lust and that is when his/her downward spiral starts. If Rahu is associated with Venus and Mars in anyway there maybe a forebidden relationship which is against the norms of society. When a relationship is based on physical attraction and nothing else it is bound to fail. When Mars and Venus are in the same sign then such people should make a concrete effort to not fall for desires and marry after consulting family, friends and well-wishers. 

     There are times when runaway love marriages may also work in a couple's favor. Those marriages pass the relationship test. The married couple lives a happy, harmonious and progressive life. At such point one gets baffled as to how their relationship worked. Here also Mars and Venus drive the natives to fall in love and opt for runaway marriage. But in this scenario Mars or Venus of native would be casting an aspect on partner's house where Mars or Venus are located. For example if Mars is located in Capricorn Sign in 4th house for a native then Venus would be located in Cancer Sign in 10th house for his/her partner. Here Mars and Venus compliment each other. 

    When you opt for love marriage be sure to check if there is Venus+Mars relationship if any. Two simple rules should be checked.

  1. Check if Venus+Mars are in same sign or not. If they are in the same sign and if Rahu casts an aspect on 7th house during the Gochara Transit then apply full breaks by all means. That marriage is very likely to end in despair.
  2. When Jupiter casts an aspect on 7th house during Gochara Transit and if Venus or Mars in a natives horoscope casts an aspect on the partner's Venus or Mars then that marriage should work out. 

The first scenario is where Mars+Venus try a forceful co-existence and fail. The second scenario is where Mars and Venus know they are opposites and try to compliment each other. The key to all successful marriage is partners understanding and complimenting one another.

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