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Indicators Of Inter-Faith Marriage

  When you are in love with someone who is from another community, race or from different nationality the prime agents which cause such fatal attraction would be Rahu, Mars and Venus. Venus in a horoscope defines romance, love and sexual relationships. Mars makes native intense about taking relationship to next level and aggressively pursue the object of interest. Rahu is all about trying out forbidden, taboo, foreign ideas and concepts which are not sanctioned by society where native grows up.

Do these Marriages Work-Out?

  It could go either way. There could be divorce or couple could settle things out and learn to accept each others fault. But more often then not there are frictions in married life especially if both partners are young. Also there is a sort of disenchantment and dissatisfaction with the marriage partner. The simple reason is inter-faith marriages are often due to intense physical attraction and a sense of perfection in partner. Marriage isn't just physical relationships or seeking perfection. It is about sharing the good with the bad. When the lovebirds realize this simple fact it is already too late.

Sometimes they do work out

  When Moon is associated with Venus in horoscope then there is genuine care and adoration towards the partner. The native with Venus+Moon would ensure that the marriage works out irrespective of whether the partner is worthy or not of his/her love and affection. Venus+Moon in horoscope ensures the couple stays together.

Use Common Sense, Not Astrology

  When you opt for inter-faith marriage atleast ensure that basic amenities and privileges that you are entitled to get as husband/wife are not discarded. Opt for a Court Marriage and also if possible ensure that there is a Marriage Contract. Some lovebirds could argue that Love isn't about negotiations and conditions but unfortunately Marriage is a Contract to stay together whether you like it or not. So better to make a Contract and ensure that there is some insurance in case the relationship goes wrong.

  Also ensure that Marriage is to a person who believes in idea of Monogamy. That your faith, your beliefs, your rights and your freedom are not in jeopardy especially if you are a female. When you marry someone you are not only connected to your partner but also to his/her family, neighbors, society and his/her beliefs.

Fraud Cases Of Marriage

  There are enough fraudsters both male and female who show fake affection and marry someone. Many of them are related to inter-faith marriages or runaway marriages. It would be fine if money was the prime motivation for scamsters but there are times when forced conversion, sex-trafficking and other gruesome crimes are reasons for marrying someone.

Astrology Can Predict But Can't Stop Fate

  There are times when natives come to astrologers to get advise. The astrologer if he is competent could predict the likely result especially if there is love marriage. In most cases where Rahu, Venus and Mars are involved it would end in disaster. But Astrologers can only warn you, not stop you. Relationship Disaster in such inter-faith or runaway marriages is important part of Karma Balancing and no Astrologer can change that outcome. Fate would definitely make the lovebirds lose sanity and opt for such forbidden relationships.

  It isn't necessary that all relationships would end up in disaster. But it is essential that natives opting for inter-faith and runaway marriages keep family and relatives informed about their choice. Also if everyone around including family and friends are against marriage, then it is a good idea to not opt for such marriage. Finally there should be some precautions to counter the worst-case scenario of divorce like mentioned above if natives decide to go against wishes of loved ones.


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