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lord rama horoscope
lord rama horoscope

     The above provided horoscope is of someone who was separated from his wife twice. Once his wife was captured and he had a bridge made to save her. He defeated a mighty and powerful king just to save his dear wife while risking his life multiple times. He went through so much troubles for his wife but he still had to separate from her once again cause a single subject in his kingdom questioned the chastity of his beloved wife. His pregnant wife who went through test of fire to prove her devotion to husband had no qualms in separating from her dear husband whom she loved with all her heart. But today they both are immortal in India. Every couple or would be couple is called Ram-Sita ki Jodi or couple like Ram and Sita. 

     One look at the horoscope and most Astrologers would know that Ram was meant to have troubles in marriage. 7th House had Mars which would cause Mangal Dosha. Lord of 7th House and 8th House is Saturn. Saturn is the planet of misery and it was placed in the House of Happiness(4th House) and aspected by his fierce enemy Sun. Misery in wedlock was guaranteed. Astrologers who saw horoscope of Ram and Sita matched 36/36 points. Again that should have sent warning bells ringing. Horoscope with high rate of matching points are also very likely to divorce. Yet none of the three Maharishis namely Mahirishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Vashistha or Maharishi Yagnavalkya suggested Kumbh Vivah. Nor did any of the highly literate Astrologers who saw their horoscopes suggested such remedy.

     Why? Because unlike greedy Astrologers and naive Clients of today they knew that trying to change fate is futile. You cannot change your fate by doing Kumbh Vivah. There are others remedies which are far more superstitious but the point of this article is Reform and not bashing age old customs. Reform can only come when both Astrologers and Clients do the much needed critical thinking. Whatever Fate has devised for you would happen no matter what you do or what you try.  There is only one way to escape Prarabdha(Fate) and that is genuine Purushartha(Hard Work) in the right direction. All these shortcut remedies are like those quick rich schemes which only dupe the customers.

     The only possible logic of Kumbh Vivah is perhaps the Marriage House changes with each Marriage. So by doing Kumbh Vivah the evils of 7th House are transferred to the Kumbh(a Pot and Shreefal) to whom the native both male or female is married. And native is free from all the effects of the bad 7th House. Oh Well... This is called Cheating and I doubt very much that you can fool Karma and Nine Planets by cheating. But as long as there is fear and superstition in hearts and minds of people such activities would remain and thrive. When an Astrologer says that the concerned male or female is Manglik all hell breaks lose. Mangal Dosha is too much exaggerated in my humble opinion. But what you do not understand is what you fear. Mangal Dosha is nothing to worry about as long as you learn to keep anger and frustrations in check in married life.

     Astrologers and Clients who want a simple solution can look at the story of Satyavan and Savitri. Savitri with her noble actions, humble nature and devotion to her husband could save him from clutches of Yama(Death God). There is another story of Sati Anshuya who defeated the three Goddesses through her devotion and humble attitude. It is a pity that no astrologer suggests doing good Karma to his/her clients. It is a greater pity that no clients ever comes to us astrologers to ask for practical solutions. Everyone wants a quick fix in life. If there were any quick fix in life there would be Astrologers instead of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in the richest people's list. Astrology is meant to guide people and should never be used as a quick fix solution to life. Whatever your Karma and whatever the result you must deal with it. No point in escaping fate. Mangal Dosha cannot be eradicated by Kumbh Vivah but it can be negated by doing good karma, keeping a humble attitude and learning the art of compromise in marriage life. Any takers of this simple solution?


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