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About Libra Sign

     Libra Sign is known as Tula Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Libra is a windy sign, male by gender and rules the west direction. It controls the kidneys and urinary system as well as sexual organs. It gives Vatta Dosha. Venus is the lord of Libra Sign. Saturn is exalted and Sun is debilitated in Libra Sign. 

Moon in Libra Sign

     Moon in Libra Sign suggests a native who are balanced in their views. Libra natives(natives with Moon in Libra Sign) are happy go lucky, intelligent, kind and calm-minded. Along with it the Venus based qualities like fashionista attitude, fondness for sweets and delicacies, addiction to forbidden pleasures of life there are qualities like balanced viewpoint and fair judgement which makes Libra Natives stand out. They have an aristocratic way of talking and prefer good lifestyle. They are the ideal people to go to when there is a need for free and fair judgement to be given.

General Character

     Libra natives have small eyes and attractive lips and nose. Their skin is lighter and fairer. They have long and beautiful hair (both male and females). They speak in a slow and sweet manner. Sometimes saliva comes out when they speak. Natives are well behaved and approach everyone with kindness. While they are balanced in giving judgments they themselves often lose balance due to Venus traits endowed in them. Sometimes they talk too little while other times they become too chatty. They are very much into pleasures, addictions and sex and that destroys their balance in life.

     They have a good education but generally go into another profession as compared to their field of study. They aren't the kind or caring type but they are considerate and generally don't harm others. They are fond of music, food and travel. They look younger then their age. Generally natives have no control over finances and believe in over-spending. Libra natives stay cheerful and do not like to get angry at people. Natives make a habit of putting their point across. They are clean, tidy and hygienic. 


     Natives have excellent career credentials and can be successful in many fields. They can have an ideal career in law department as lawyer or as judge. Other industries include beauty products, fashion industry, entertainment industry, acting and photography. They can also be successful in oil import-export and also business related to water and other liquids. They can even become a politician. Most of the successful politicians have Libra Sign as ascendant

Marriage and Family

     In family matters natives tend to derive more love from their father as compared to the mother. They get along well with siblings. They try to be father figure (both male and females) for their children. In romance and marriage they tend to have multiple relationships before marriage. Marriage generally is love marriage but even if arranged marriage takes place, native likes to keep decision of choosing partner to himself/herself. 7th house rules marriage and 7th house is Aries Sign for Libra natives. Naturally the partner(signified by 7th house) is fiery and hot tempered. So in either case natives have to accept the passive personality in marriage to sustain their marriage. 


Overspending, fixed views, prone to addictions


Diseases of kidney, urinal tract, sexual organs and intestine are all possible for natives. Kidney stones, urinal tract infection, pain in intestine, liver problems, cough and cold are all possible. Constipation and other common digestive problems related to intestine are also possible. 

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