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     When all the pre-requiste conditions are met in a horoscope to get married and settle down but a native cannot settle down it is very likely to be due to a bad 12th House. There are other times when natives with no malefics in Marriage House could go through the painful ordeal of divorce. Whether it is delay in marriage or whether it is divorce in marriage there is no iron clad rule that only Marriage House and its lord are responsible. Sometimes delay and divorce could also occur due to a bad 12th House. 12th House is one of the Dushamsthanas. One may ask as to what could the House of Losses, Confinement and Moksha have to do with relationship. 12th House rules over sleep and sensual pleasures. In simple but blunt words it decides the sexual chemistry that native would enjoy throughout his life.

     Standard Procedure in Astrology is to look at the Marriage House to judge its effects. For First Marriage the 7th House and the effect of its lord are analysed. For Second Marriage the 8th from 7th House meaning the 2nd House is analysed. For Third Marriage 8th from 2nd meaning 9th House is analysed. So on and so forth. But marriage is not only about two people sharing their lives. It is much more then that. One of the many things that people need to understand is that sex plays an important role in determining where relationship would be heading. A couple who cannot be intimate in marriage generally lose interest in staying together. Below is an example chart with a bad 12th House.

bad 12th house example chart
bad 12th house example chart

   The concerned native has no bad influence on the 7th House. There could be absolutely no reason to envisage divorce. But there was a divorce and currently the native is unmarried since quite a long time. Normal school of thought would be to see 7th House for Marriage and give positive results for Marriage. But one look at the 12th House and you could get the warning bells ringing. The significator of romance Venus and significator of happiness Jupiter are with the significator of misery called Saturn. That wouldn't have been a problem either if they weren't in the 12th House. But placement of three heavy planets in 12th House all but ensured that native divorces and is bereft of any intimacy for a long duration of time. There are countless horoscopes where the concerned Marriage House could suggest little or no problem but 12th House wrecks the life of the native. Reason as explained is 12th House looks after intimacy in marriage life. Also the much needed sexual chemistry goes missing if there are malefics in the 12th House. Native is advised to chant the below mentioned mantra to bring intimacy back in life.

Chanting Kamdev Gayatri Mantra

ॐ काम देवाय विधमहे l
पुष्पबाणाय धीमहि तन्नो अनंग प्रचोदयात ll

Om Kama devaya Vidhmahe
Pushpa Banaya Dheemahe
Thanno Ananga Prachodayath

Om, Let me meditate on the God of love,
Oh, God who is the forest of flowers, give me higher intellect,
And let the God of love illuminate my mind.

   Bear in mind this is a Vashikaran Mantra(Hypnosis Mantra). This mantra should not be used to fool around with people. Vedic Knowledge was devised to help those suffering. This mantra is only meant for natives who lack the physical intimacy in married life. These mantra can also be chanted by those with a bad 12th House and wanting to settle down in life.

   12th House is very important for Marriage. Heavy placements in 12th House could ruin a perfect married life of a native. A marriage cannot survive without the necessary physical intimacy and that much needed intimacy is only possible through blessings of a good 12th House. So those who have a bad 12th House should chant the above mentioned mantra to bring back the intimacy in life. Also those whose marriage talks are not going anywhere or those who have been divorced for quite a long time should chant the above mentioned mantra along with the Mantra to beget a good husband or wife given in the article: Vedic Mantras.


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