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     Moon in Seventh House is in the house of its friend Venus. Moon is the epitome of care, emotions and unconditional love. Seventh house represents your first wife or husband. The wife or husband of the native showers unconditional love and affection on the native. When Scorpio Sign occupies the Ascendant then native begets a wife/husband who brings fortune and good luck to the native after marriage. If there is conjunction with Rahu or Venus then the native could beget more then one spouse. Extra-marital affair could be very likely if Mars or Rahu are in conjunction with Moon in the Seventh house. As long as enemy planets are not in aspect or conjuction, Moon in Seventh House is a blessing from Gods themselves. 

     If Moon is in Seventh House then the marriage of the native is likely to be late. But that marriage should be a happy one and the spouse should be beautiful, caring and possessing a good moral character.  Moon in a friendly sign in Seventh House could signify success in business partnership. As long as no enemy planet is influencing the Seventh House, native could be very successful in business. Native could benefit from business related to female products and accessories. Also business with female partners could yield high returns. 

     Moon in Seventh House is generally a great placement. But if there are malefic associations or aspects then this otherwise great placement may turn catastrophic for the native.

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