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     Jupiter in Seventh House maybe great as far as aspects are concerned but marriage maybe late or broken. Seventh House belongs to Venus. Jupiter considers Venus his enemy. Jupiter maybe a planet of abundance but he is still a planet associated with tact and diplomacy. So the marriage partner is religious, virtuous, posseses sound knowledge and is also beautiful. Only downside is that he/she maybe less expressive but kind and considerate. 

     Seventh House not only rules over marriage but also over Court Cases, Legal Agreements, Business and Business Partnerships. Jupiter blesses the matters of Seventh House and there could be success in court cases and legal agreements. There could be a good business and a partnership firm can also be setup provided Jupiter is in good condition. Jupiter's aspect on Eleventh House of Regular Income is the best. Regular Income is via multiple means and healthy. Also there is a huge circle of friends who stand by the native. Native has good networking skills and contacts and gets work done via them.

     Jupiter's aspect on First House gives a positive attitude and good looks. There are also chances of getting obesity and native must take care about it. Native is likely to be lazy and easygoing. The aspect on Third House is good for workplace. Native is key part of Media and Public Relationship if working in an MNC. Also he can be the mediator between different teams and is key part of project planning and implementation. Native can also work as a PR or Media Executive. 

      According to B. V. Raman, natives with Jupiter in Third House are: "Diplomatic and kind hearted. They are virtuous and get good wife or husband. Education is good and there are gains through marriage. They are sensitive to other people's feelings and can go to foreign places for religious or educational purpose". 

     Jupiter in Seventh House generally means late marriage. But marriage partner is virtuous and beautiful/handsome. Native is kind hearted and positive. But he can also be lazy and obese. Regular exercise are essential. If in a bad condition native must pray to Lord Vishnu to ease the effects. 

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