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     Eight House is the house of death and despair. So the positive and kind hearted Jupiter isn't all that comfortable in this house. Having said that Eight House also deals with taxes, inheritance and back-office work and diplomacy. So maybe Jupiter is not all that bad provided it is in a good condition. Still overall its not nice to have Jupiter in Eight House which is house of Saturn. 

     Eight House is one of the Dushamsthanas. This house deals with death, despair, in-laws as well as hidden knowledge and assets. The significator of happiness called Jupiter while not always bad is definitely not happy in house of death and despair. Jupiter also signifies abundance, fortune and luck. In Eight House all those good qualities of Jupiter are limited or probably not present. Native may have to work a lot harder for little rewards and his positive attitude is also shattered if Jupiter is in Eight House. Ofcourse if Sun is in good condition then native maybe cheerful and confident but he/she would definitely not be fortunate or lucky. 

      Jupiter in Eight House has its positives. It gives good inheritance as well as makes a native possess hidden knowledge of occult subjects. Native knows stuff like astrology, inner workings of body, accupunture, government jobs like back door diplomacy for peace negotiations and treaties, income and debt collection and a lot more behind the scenes work. He can be quite successful in one of these fields if Jupiter also happens to lord of Career House, Income House or Service House. Jupiter's aspect on Second House gives a calculative and refined speech along with potential to invest in gold and monetary schemes. Aspect on Twelfth House gives chance to try spirituality, foreign travels as well as visit monestaries and ashrams to seek solace. Aspect on Fourth House grants peace and prosperity at home. It also increases profits if native invests in livestocks, farming, agriculture and property buying/selling. 

     According to B. V. Raman those with Jupiter in Eight House are: "Native will be unhappy but kind hearted. He would have speech problems. They could suffer from diseases of intestine like colitis as well as engage in extra-marital affairs with widows. Native dies a painless death.They are not that lucky". There is no iron-clad rule that all of these are possible but one thing is definitely possible is that they have to work harder and are less positive compared to those with Jupiter in more influential horoscope houses. 

      Eight House is not the most ideal place for Jupiter. Native needs to work a lot harder for low returns. There is no problems to health as such and inheritance is great. There is also chance to excel in occult subjects as well as try luck in back-door government jobs like diplomacy or income tax collectors. This placement gives a chance for spiritual growth as well as increase savings via investments in gold and monetary schemes. Last but not least it also gives a good chance to try agriculture and livestock farming. 

     If in a bad condition native must try pranayam like Kapal Bhati, Bahya Pranayam, walk or jog for fourty minutes as well as try other exercises to decrease intestinal problems. They should not eat anything that can cause inflamattion in stomach and intestinal region. For confidence they must pray to Sun or speak the Gayatri Mantra. Praying to Lord Vishnu or Lord Dattatreya is also beneficial. 


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