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      Jupiter is the planet which is associated with Dharma and Fortune. Ninth House is the house of Dharma and is also called the Fortune House. Jupiter is the lord of this house and quite possibly the best possible location for him. In case it is exalted or in own sign in the Ninth House then that would imply even the Heavens and Gods favor your well-being. It also implies that in previous birth you have done very good karma. Jupiter in Vishnu Sthanas or Laxmi Sthanas in strong placement is indeed a blessing to have. 

      Ninth House looks after Dharma, Religion, Fore Fathers, Fortune, Higher Education and Long Distance Travels. Jupiter is literally the signficator of each and every one of them. This is the dream location for Jupiter. Even in an enemy sign this would prove beneficial if aspects are on friendly sign cause the core nature of Jupiter is spreading positivity. Native is highly literate and quite knowledgable also. In all likelyhood the person has a good education especially Masters or Doctorate degree. Not only that he/she is quite religious, posseses knowledge of literatures. But the best thing about them is they are driven by the spirit and not by religious laws which maybe rigid and not up-to-date with times. Ofcourse they have the tendency to associate themselves with religious sects. Unless Mars is associated with Jupiter they aren't the type to question the bad practices of the Sects they follow. 

     The aspects on First House, Third House and Fifth House are what makes this placement divine. The aspect on First House gives beautiful looks, positive attitude and kind as well as caring nature. On the downside it also gives obesity and laziness. The aspect on Third House blesses native with loving siblings and they help and support native in all of his/her endeavors. Not only that native is generally blessed with good neighbors and is able to get his point across in boardroom meetings and is good with Media and Public Relations. The aspect on Fifth House gives native good education and knowlege, has good and obedient progeny. Native is popular among peers and can gain via long term investments in Stock Markets. 

    The career generally involves Education, Diplomacy or a post of an Advisor in Politics or MNC. They can enjoy royalty status and travel long distance to exotic locations for lectures, seminars, religious activities as well as for higher education. 

     According to B. V. Raman natives with Jupiter in Ninth House are good lawyers, good in philosophical debates and acquire much immovable property. With Mars they maybe great military commanders while with Saturn they turn to ascetism. With Sun or Venus it might not be that good. They regularly travel to foreign countries as lecturer or for religious purposes. They are conservative and principled. 

     Normally Jupiter in Ninth House is a gift of heavens. It means you have done very good karmas in your previous lives and this life is a blessing due to it. But there are times when the aspects or co-tenants make matters worse. In those rare cases it is necessary to pray to Lord Vishnu. Overall this is a non-problematic location and native should be happy with this placement.  

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