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     Jupiter in Tenth House is comfortable as it is the Career House and belongs to Sun who is a friend of Jupiter. While Jupiter is an expansive planet it does not necessarily expand career choices. Reason is simple that Jupiter is driven by Dharma(doing the right thing). It doesn't like to use under-handed tactics at work place. Career is stable and progressive but chances of reaching top are less unless other planets help.

      Jupiter's placement in Tenth House is better for places where there is aspect namely the Second House, Fourth House and Sixth House. Native is better suited to try role of a lecturer or teacher in a government school. He would get favors from government and others. If not in education then native should try to be a diplomat or secretarial post to a politician. One can also try career in spirituality and religion. There are good chances of becoming a religious head though Jupiter is unlikely to allow fooling followers and becoming rich unless other bad influences are present.

     The aspect on Second House is the best as it allows investing in Gold and Monetary Schemes. It gives a huge and loving family. Also it grants a deep voice. The aspect on Fourth House is good for buying land, engaging in real estate, buying land and farming as well as for animal husbandry. Jupiter's aspect on Sixth House gives good and loyal employees as well as grants some degree of influence over rivals and enemies. Ofcourse obesity and related disease are a possibility. Also there are good offers if trying for employee role in an organization and benefits also are good.

     According to B. V. Raman those with Jupiter in Tenth House are: "High officials in governent, They are rich, virtuous and principled in their career. They are into spirituality and religion. With Venus they could entrusted with high responsibility by government. If Jupiter is with Rahu then they could turn a mischief maker. If Jupiter is with Mars then they can head research institutes or academic institutions".

     Jupiter in Tenth House is generally a favorable placement. Top position is unlikely unless other factors in horoscope help. But a great career with favors from government, loyal employees, good savings as well as great land property are all possible via blessings of Jupiter in Tenth House. In case it is affected by malefics then natives must try to recite the Vishnu Sahasranaam. Also natives must not try to deceive others or use their position and influence to do illegal activities. Some exercises are necessary to avoid obesity. 

Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.     

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