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     Moon is the closest planet to earth and its effect on earth and its inhabitants are far more compared to other planets in Vedic Astrology. Moon is considered as Earth's Satellite according to Science. Satellites are responsible for good or bad signals in Television, Mobiles and various other devices. Similarly Moon's strength in a horoscope is more or less responsible for the mind and decisions that living beings on Earth make. It is not just the humans. Moon effects Plants, Animals, Bacteria, Aquatic Life and all living forms equally.

   Kindly note that Moon influences decision process of native. But choices and actions of a person are solely his/her responsibility.

     Below are the effects of Moon with other Planets:

Moon With Sun

     Sun is a friend of Moon yet materialistic results are not that great. Natives with this combination are fond of eating and sleeping and have a calm mind and clear thoughts. Opinions are quite divided whether to term this combination in horoscope as good or bad. But if Sun represent the soul and Moon represents the mind then it isn't that bad if they are together. Sun also represents willpower, ambition, confidence and enterprising nature. So Sun+Moon maybe a great combination to have. Ofcourse Sun also represents ego, apathy and arrogance. So the mind signified by Moon is susceptible to these bad traits as well. Again it is an individual's own choice whether to take the good or bad traits of Sun in them.

Moon with Mars

     Moon with Mars in same horoscope sign as Moon is responsible for Lakshmi Yoga which gives wealth and fame to a native. Mars is fast thinking, fast moving, angry yet forgiving and quick paced planet. Moon representing the mind makes native with such combination to be fast and one who works very hard and one who is constantly moving and improving. Eventually these natives become great success through hard work and more importantly are self-made individuals.

Moon With Mercury

     Moon represents the mind while Mercury represents the nervous system. Moon+Mercury has been known to cause mental disorders especially neurological disorders where it is difficult for mind to send and receive signals from various parts of body. On the bright side though this combination gives a brilliant memory and makes the native a great businessman. They may also become great novelists or authors.

Moon With Jupiter

     If Moon is associated with Jupiter then the famous Gaja-Kesari Yoga is formed which gives good character, wealth and happiness. Jupiter is kind while Moon is caring. Jupiter represents positivity while Moon represents emotions. Jupiter provides knowledge while Moon represents mind. Jupiter represents abundance while Moon is said to provide wealth. Naturally when kind meets caring, when there are positive emotions, sharp mind and memory then there is bound to be a person who is healthy, wealthy and successful. Such combination in a friendly sign maybe a gift due to past life good deeds.

Moon With Venus

     Moon with Venus gives a love struck individual. Such natives generally opt for love marriage and are controlled by romance and fantasies. On the bright side though this combination provides a fantastic career in fashion, music or entertainment industry. Also native could be an artist drawing paintings, could be a beautician or designer dressing up people, work as a interior decorator, garments manufacturer, great sculpture artist or similar other industry.

Moon With Saturn

     Moon with Saturn causes Visha Yoga. It is like having permanent Sade-Sati with difficulties, depression and dejection following the native everywhere he goes. Ofcourse they eventually do make it great if they keep working hard so it is not all bad as made out to be.

Moon With Rahu

     Moon with Rahu is considered bad and causes Grahan Yoga. It generally causes native to lose reasoning and fall into the pit. Natives are known to do reckless investments or gamble away a fortune under this influence. On the bright side though Rahu casts excellent illusions, is a poser and has a brilliant political mind. Such natives can surely do great in Politics, Entertainment or Theaters.

Moon With Ketu

     Moon with Ketu is scorned similarly but Ketu is an agent of spirituality. Natives with Moon with Ketu may finally learn the Ultimate Truth or get as close as possible to learning about it. They are the closest or on the way to attaining Moksha which is liberation from cycle of life and death. If Ketu does not promote spirituality then Moon+Ketu could be good Doctors, Surgeons be involved in Spying. In rare cases they become Professional Killers.

Moon, Mind and Choices

     Moon is the significator of mind and if mind is positive and strong then a native's well-being is guaranteed. If Moon is in good condition then one can expect health, wealth and well-being. If the reverse is the case then expect difficult times.

     Prarabdha(Fate) plays an important role in determining the strength of Moon in a horoscope and that fate is determined by prior Purushartha(Hard Work) which a native may have done. So do not blame everything on Moon or other Planets if things go wrong. Always remember one golden line: Bad Times Of Today Are Result Of Wrong Choices Of Yesterday But Good Fortune Of Tomorrow Would Only Be Possible By Right Choices Of Today. So always choose to do good and always try to do the right thing cause sooner or later those right choices would come back as fate and good fortune in the future.


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