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What is Chandra Mangala Yoga? How is it formed?

Chandra Mangala Yoga is name of the yoga formed when Moon(Chandra) and Mars(Mangala) are in the same house at time of the native's birth. So if Moon and Mars both are in Aries Sign then native is said to have Chandra Mangala Yoga. The current Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi has Chandra Mangala Yoga in Ascendant.

Examples Of Chandra-Mangala Yoga

Results Of Chandra-Mangala Yoga

The natives with Chandra-Mangala yoga may earn through unusual means. If this yoga is in a bad house or sign then the earning may even be through unlawful and unethical means. Natives maybe harsh on women especially their mother.

Conditions For Chandra-Mangala Yoga

Chandra Mangala Yoga is best described today as Laxmi Yoga or Wealth Generator Yoga. Moon signifies mind and Mars signifies energy, hard work and stamina. Those who are hard working sooner or later get success. Though success may come through unconventional methods and areas.

But if your motto is success then Chandra-Mangala Yoga is a blessing from heaven itself. Sometimes though in a bad sign or bad house the result maybe a native who uses unethical and unlawful means to achieve success. But in most cases of Chandra-Mangala Yoga there is success using lawful means.

Solution For Chandra-Mangala Yoga

Mars is pure, unadulterated energy waiting to be channeled in the right direction and Moon is feminine grace and kindness. So naturally prayers to one of the forms of Adi Shakti is the best solution. Shree Narendra Modi is a loyal devotee of Maa Amba and has been fasting on both Navratris for close to 32 years now consuming nothing but lime water and honey. The result is in front of you.

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