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What is Adhi Yoga? How is it formed?

Adhi Yoga is one of the yogas described by B. V. Raman in his book 300 Important Combinations. Adhi Yoga is formed when benefics namely Shukra, Guru and Budh occupy the 6th house, 7th house or 8th house counted from the Chandra (Chandra's placement at time of birth).

Examples of Adhi Yoga

Results Of Adhi Yoga

Native will be polite and trustworthy. Will inflict defeat on his enemies and live a healthy and long life. The person will be surrounded by luxuries and lot of wealth.

Conditions For Adhi Yoga

6th house and 8th house are called Dushamstahanas. Having Budh, Guru & Shukra in these houses is not ideal. 6th house gives debt and disease. Budh in this house gives mental disorders. Guru may give obesity. Shukra gives you addictions and diabetes. This scenario becomes 100% fruitful if Chandra occupies lagna and beneficts occupy 6th house. Guru and Shukra are natural benefics and having them in 8th house weakens their effects. But if the benefics occupy their own rashi or uccha rashi then they show the full effects of Adhi Yoga.


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