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What is Chatussagara Yoga? How is it formed?

Chatussagara Yoga is formed when all Vishnu Sthanas (1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house) are occupied by planets. The condition is for the first house, fourth house, seventh house and tenth house to have a planet placed in it.

Examples Of Chatussagara Yoga

Results Of Chatussagara Yoga

The person will earn a good reputation and will be equal to a ruler. Modern day interpretation of ruler doesn't mean a King but one who holds influence over others. Native will be blessed with long and prosperous life. He will be blessed with good children and health. His name will become famous in many continents. Planets located in Vishnu Sthanas are always a great boon. The Vishnu Sthanas act as four pillars which provide support and stability.

Conditions of Chatussagara Yoga

While the native may beget the above mentioned results if there are planets in the Vishnu Sthanas it does not necessarily mean life becomes all rosy just by having this yoga. If there is an enemy planet in one of the Vishnu Sthana houses then Vimshottari Periods and Sub-Periods of that planet could give adverse results also.

But what is largely observed is planets in Vishnu Sthanas give good results though results may take time to come in some cases. Some struggles are possible if planets occupy enemy rashi but overall Chatussagara Yoga contributes to good name and financial stability.


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