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What is Vasumathi Yoga? How is it formed?

Counted from Lagna or Chandra if there are benefic planets occupying the 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house or 11th house then the yoga known as Vasumathi Yoga is formed.

Examples of Vasumathi Yoga

Results Of Vasumathi Yoga

The native will get immense wealth. Benefics like Guru, Chandra, Shukra or Budh need to occupy the 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house or 11th house

Conditions of Vasumathi Yoga

Vedic Astrology is a classic paradox. 6th house contains seeds of debt and destruction. Shukra in 6th house gives addictions, Guru gives obesity,  Budh gives nervous disorders and Chandra gives a weak mind. Similarly Shukra in 11th house is considered weak and its effects greatly diminish according to a few astrology texts.

All said and done the native does remain wealthy and the goal of this yoga is wealth. If the planets are in own sign or exaltion sign then rest assured money flows from many sides. If there are more then one benefic together then the amount of wealth increases multi-fold. This yoga gives better results when counted from Lagna.


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